Arey! Walk straight… Otherwise you will hit someone If you are caught by a cop then I will say I don’t know him Stop Mannu Bhaiya Mannu Bhaiya stop it Hello guys, my name is Anuj Bansal welcome to Anuj Bucket. Today we are starting Dubai trip. We are going to Dubai for 6 to 7 days and today in this video we will show you our first day in which we are boarding our flight from Indira Gandhi Airport Terminal 3 In this video we will show you How to board flight Number 1: How to check in and transfer luggage Number 2: Immigration process Number 3: Infrastructure of IGI airport terminal 3 At last Number 4 How you can get the free access to the Airport lounge in which you will get free recliner, free breakfast almost everything is free here. It is wonderful place. Watch the full video till the end And one more thing that we are going to Dubai trip for 6 to 7 days and apart from this video we will show you top most places in Dubai we will show you top most places in Dubai like Burj Khalifa, IMG adventure Park, Palm Island, Dubai Special Spice and Gold Market. So watch the full series . And do not forget to subscribe to our channel just hit this red button and the bell sign. (LOGO) So, guys we have done our packing and are ready for the departure. This time I have taken my action camera and took my Samsung Note 9 phone because I am going to make videos from my phone only. Let’s go downstairs and see that everyone has done the packing or not because my whole family is going with me. (Music) Guys, we have reached to Airport and done with the boarding. As my mom is on wheelchair, so it will take more time in boarding . we need to deposit walker and wheelchair. Guys, let me tell you a small secret that wheelchair and walker need to be wraped in cellophane as facility are available on thr airport gates. But I didn’t know that they charge Rs400/ for wrapping. So, one suggestion you can wrap it at your home through packing paper which you are using at your home. And it will save your luggage as well as your luggage bag will not get spoiled. And if you are taking wheelchair with you than wrapping is mandatory and you have to pay Rs 400. Rest of my family member went for immigration and I am going for registration to wheel chair and walker. (MUSIC) I have given my wheelchair and it is very easy process to deposit a wheelchair and I will receive it on my belt with my luggage. And that is a best part. Now, I am going for immigration. But let me tell you one thing before Dubai immigration at if your passport is a ECR passport which means if your passport having a stamp of Emigration Check Required than along with Visa you need to take “Ok To Board”. OTB is given by airline from which you are going to fly. Apply your Visa online and then contact to airline for Ok To Board than only you can clear immigration from here. So, it is necessary that you will take OTB “OK TO BOARD” We are 9 members together and from which one of my family members my sister passport is having ECR stamp and because of that I need to take a OK TO BOARD to cross the immigration. Let’s go and see the airport IGI terminal 3. (MUSIC) For sure T3 has been changed. And it looks wonderful. We are also done with the security check in. Now, we are roaming in the shopping area of T3. It is now far better than when I visited previously in December 2018. And today is May 2019, within 4 to 5 months it has changed entirely. Liquor is everywhere. Oye! Walk straightly, if you will hit with someone. Mannu, why you are walking like this? I am taking a video. If you caught by any of the police men I will refuse that I know this men. What I’ll do? Say to Mannu Bhaiya to stop So, Channu how does it feel? Feeling excited. You are going out of India for the first time? Yes, it’s my first time. How does they allow you? What does it mean that they will allow you only they will not allow to me. Hey Soni, How are you feeling? Where are we going? Dubai We are going to Dubai And Soni, where we will be stay in Dubai. In Hotel. Soni tell him that before going to Dubai where you have been to? Kongkong Hahha Not Kongkong, It’s Hongkong Kongkong. Kongkong …Hahahah (MUSIC) Oh! I forget to tell you one more thing that we have special passes for Airport lounge We are 8 adult and one child of 5 year and we have an entry for all of them. There we will get free food, we can sit and relax on recliner. Lounge is very fantastic.
Let’s go to the lounge. This is a lounge behind me as you can see but they are not allowing us to enter because we have less master card but we are going to another one where we have all the master cards and in that we will definitely go. (MUSIC) So guys, we are in lounge Here, food is free and till you are waiting to board your flight you can relax here. It is more comfortable than other places to this airport. Now, we will show you that how’s the lounge looks like. Few of my family member already went to take their meal as we have decided to go one by one and then I’ll show you what are all the dishes are available here. (MUSIC) Jiju, please come here and sit, I am also going to join you (MUSIC) It is completely organised like a buffet breakfast So, let’s begin with the first counter that what are all the options are available here. First of all they have cornflakes, Fruits, Chicken Sausage for Non vegetarian. Here is a Hash brown and cheese nuggets, Then also we have Biryani… wonderful. Biryani and Beans Here is a south Indian- Idli Sambhar And here is a bread counter as well as hard drink is also free here. Also, we have a tea counter and live Omlet counter. Hello Chef, Hi (MUSIC) Nice.
It is a good place for having a breakfast. Right now we are here on breakfast time and at lunch time they will serve lunch and Dinner on Dinner time. So, we had a wonderful experience on Airport. Now it’s a time to board a flight for Dubai. So Guys, must watch our next video in which we are going to show you Dubai International Airport and this. Along with this watch the all videos of Dubai series and the link you will find on the cards as well as in the description. This time also we have a target of 100 likes in this video also. So, guys please help us to complete our target and just hit the like button and do not forget to subscribe to our channel just hit this red button and the bell sign. It was very nice to be with you again, be well, Namaste What is this? This is in process of construction. It looks beautiful when it will be fully manufacture