Hi, my name’s Arpad Balogh, this is Jennifer
Scott, we’re here at IFN Modern, and we’re talking “chairs”. What is this beautiful thing that I’m looking
at right now? So this is the IFN Modern Lounge Chair and
Ottoman. …and ottoman. I love it. Yeah, it’s a beauty. Consumers may have seen a lot of online companies
selling reproduction-type chairs or furniture pieces that have copied the aesthetic, but
it’s really interesting that IFN Modern has focused heavily on replicating the quality.
So they’ve got a really premium quality product that kind of matches the original chair in
terms of a lot of the actual technical details. Nice. Wasn’t this chair…it was designed
for a director? Yeah, a friend of Charles and Ray Eames. Right? And he directed “Sunset Boulevard”? “Some Like it Hot”. Yeah, so this was never
meant to be a mass-produced chair. So they gave it as a gift. This is 7 layers of a Brazilian hardwood plywood,
bent and finished both on the outside and on the inside. So if you were to take that
cushion off, it’s gonna be finished the exact same as what you see on the outside. That’s great, and this has a UV coating too,
does it not? It does, yeah. To prevent…you know, you
can put it by your window or by doors. A lot of people- a lot of the original chairs I’ve
seen through clients…there’s fading happening from the back- sun damage. And what about this leather here? This looks
amazing. Yeah, so there are three different leather
options available with IFN Modern. So you have your Italian Leather, which I think is
what I’m sitting on right now. Feel that- a lot of people worry with Italian Leather
that maybe it’s not going to be quite as comfortable or as soft. And it comes with a coating which
makes it very durable. Oh, okay. So it’s great for commercial spaces, high-traffic,
people with kids or dogs, or husbands. “Man caves”. You know, it’s a really durable finish on
this leather. But IFN Modern’s Italian Leather is still very comfortable and it is soft to
touch. Okay. Whereas, it might be a little bit- I think
yours feels… Yours feels different than mine. I think you are sitting with the Aniline Leather.
So this also has a coating, but not quite as heavy as a coating as the Italian Leather.
So this is gonna have more of a focus on a luxury finish, versus the protected durability. Oh, okay. And now there’s one more leather
also. There is, they do a Vintage Leather as well,
which has the same durability as the Italian Leather, but visually, there’s just a little
bit more color variation and marking variation. Over time it may give the illusion of some
distressed marks, which is where that “vintage” term comes into play. Okay, but it doesn’t wear any…like, it doesn’t
wear worse? No, it wears just like the Italian Leather,
yeah. That’s beautiful. All the leathers are sourced from Europe,
but just like the “vintage” doesn’t actually mean that the leather itself is vintage, it’s
a reflection of a method used to treat it. Same with the Italian Leather. So that’s using
the Italian method of treating the leather for the final product. Okay, excellent. And these are some of the
swatches you can get too, right? Yeah, I think this is one of my favorite features
of IFN Modern- you can go online and order the swatches…not only of their leathers
which we have here, but also of hundreds of fabrics that they offer, as well as the three
different plywood options that they have. So there’s the Palisander which is much like
the original chair in the dark finish that you have, there’s a Walnut finish- kind of
that beautiful mid-tone. And then like the chair I’m sitting in, the White Oak. Yeah,
and all of these would come in your swatch package when you order that, and free of charge. I love how the cushions feel on these. Yeah, and so the one thing about the IFN Modern
Lounge & Ottoman is they’re made from injected foam, and that’s a little bit different than
some of their products. The foam, again, being a very high quality, these are an injected
foam. Do you know what that means? No, not at all. So injected foam means that the foam was injected
into a mould to create a shape. So you see those nice curves to it- there’s not that traditional
foam square. So to create those beautiful curves there, that’s the injected foam. And
then they have the deep tufting. This is the tufting, right? Mm-hm, yes. The buttons being pulled down
there into the cushion. So again, that’s speaking to IFN Modern’s detail to the original. A
lot of companies who are just merely copying the aesthetic don’t actually put that effort
in to get that nice…that full tufting there. Are those leather buttons? Yeah, all of the piping and the buttons on
all of their products…all of their leather products are also 100% real leather. Wow, that’s kinda cool. It’s awesome. What about the bases here? Yeah, so these are a two-tone aluminum base.
So you’ve got the five-spoke base on the chair for maximum stability, and then…spin those. Oh yeah, look at that. Right? The chairs are perfect, but if your
floor’s not, you’re still gonna feel completely stable. Okay. Both for the seat and the ottoman, are interchangeable. What do you mean? Well it means that we could just stand up
and swap seats. I could have the White Oak with the black chair, and you could have the
Palisander with white…in a few minutes. Like, consumers can do it at home. So you
could order a different seat and ottoman cushion- maybe I’ve decided like a nice grey cashmere
instead of white leather. I can order that, and affix it to my base. I think you were mentioning earlier, something
about shock mounts? Yeah, so shock mounts. So you’ll notice the
chair has that standard 15 degree tilt to it and that remains, but with that little
bit of give within that tilt to make it ergonomic and comfortable and “lounger-ish”, they have
shock mounts built in. Where’s that? So they’re built in underneath of the arms
here, so you’re never gonna see them, which is great. That’s why, okay. And then they’re affixed to the seat base
as well as to the back, just to sort of maintain that. What are some of the things that are benefits
I’ll get from ordering online? There’s a lot of options for people out there.
So from a quality standpoint, when you look at IFN Modern, the fact that they take in
so much care to match the detail to the original designs is a really great sign. You know, I think that when companies start
skimming on the details like the synthetic piping or maybe not having the deep tufting,
then you’re just getting a sense of…the fact that they are cutting corners in places.
And maybe that comes down to comfort or durability of the product…or quality of the materials.
So that’s a great reinforcement for consumers that IFN Modern has put that attention in. And then, speaking of quality of materials,
just being able to order your swatches online. Okay. And I think it’s also a great sign that interior
designers are wanting to work with them and they have those relationships built, because
those are industry people having that confidence. Well, they make their livelihood off of that,
so if they wouldn’t work with them…right? Exactly. They work with them, so obviously there’s
something there, right? IFN’s been around since 2009. Yes. They’ve got four warehouses within North America. Yeah, and those four warehouses- that’s what’s
going to allow for really fast turnaround time from ordering to receiving the product. Let’s talk about their guarantees. It’s a good one. What is it? 5 years. 5 years. 5 years warranty, that’s great. For a reproduction
product, that’s almost unheard of. And they also got a 30 day, money back guarantee? With no restocking fees. I love that. You know, it’s always the hidden
charges that get you, right? Hidden, like…secret. People don’t even know;
I’ve had so many clients call and complain to me when I start working with them, saying
“I’ve changed my mind on this”, but now they want to charge me 15%, 20%. On a furniture
product, that’s a hefty amount of money, you know? That’s not just like…15% on a pair
of socks, fine. But on a chair, consumers don’t want that. So it’s great that there’s
no restocking fees. Mm-hm. They’ve got an easy website to navigate
through; they’ve got hundreds of photos, descriptions of the products. Go to ifn-modern.com, order
a great piece today, check them out online. My name’s Arpad Balogh, this is Jennifer Scott
and we’re here at IFN Modern. Thanks for having us.