Hey Ron, what’s up? Hey Thom.
I think we can end this in 20 minutes. How’s that? You get the Teamsters you get
the all the unions together and you say, “This is it”. It’s a solitary strike? A
nationwide solidarity strike? Your federal workers? Yeah well you know we
may be closer to that than we realized. There were 11 senior union members, I
don’t have a list. I’ve been looking around for a list; who were arrested
outside Mitch McConnell’s office yesterday. Right yeah. And so if if this
is radicalizing the senior that, you know, the management, the
leadership of the unions across the United States. That’s not an
impossibility. I mean that that’s the sort of and then everybody goes into the
streets. And this says you know enough already that’s it yeah that’s it down
I’d say 20 minutes Thom 20 minutes they can’t you know how much money would be
lost to these corporations in 20 minutes yeah I think you’re absolutely right Ron
I think you’re absolutely right thank you for sharing that that’s a great idea.
Norman in Chicago, hey Norman your thoughts? Yeah your honor Norman are you
doing good try to get your mouth as close to the
microphone as possible what’s up regarding no one’s talking about the
federal government employees and the money that’s sitting in the banks I mean
the banks right now gained an interest I mean the great debates are at profit
margins that are huge higher than you have ever been in the last 10 years that
thing yeah higher than they’ve ever been in history yes in history so I wanted to
have that play when you have all these little employees with the money still
sitting in a bank does that profit margin of that interest for the 30 days
they gain interest daily why did that go so it goes to the bank’s profit if if
you’re a federal employee and you go to your bank and you say I need a loan they
say fine you know you’re gonna pay us interest on that loan and that interest
is that’s how the bank’s make their profits so yeah I get that but the money
that would normally be out of a bank that would that’s called your salary
what’s happening with that money that’s still sitting there oh that’s still
sitting in the in the federal treasury right now
I mean you know in other words what’s happening to the money that’s not being
paid to the federal employees is that your question
yeah it’s it’s it’s still sitting in the federal government and you know I don’t
know if the Treasury Department itself issues federal paychecks or if they use
any of the big national banks so that that’s a question I don’t know the
answer to but that’s that’s worth looking into Norman thanks a lot for the
call. Nicholas in San Cristobal Mexico. Hey Nicholas what’s up? Thank you for
taking my call. Oligarchs the oligarchy in America did
you read possibly as much as a year ago the New York Times article about why the
growth of oligarchy and emeriti oligarchs in America will continue to
grow regardless of whether we change the system or not if not it was rather
disturbing yeah it’s all about inherited wealth now oh yeah the amounts of wealth
are in many instances so enormous that they are now then divided up amongst the
various children and where there was one oligarch before suddenly there are three
and four with billions of dollars each under their belt how that is going to
affect the future just the walton family has more wealth about 40% of the world
yeah yeah and that’s not yet divided keep in mind all of those people have
children and down that line those really hundreds of billions when you total the
Walton wealth up will all be divided among several other people in there it
goes it’s almost there and these are the people by the way Nicholas who tell us
loudly through their think-tanks that they fund and through the news networks
and right-wing hate radio that they fund tell us loudly that if people can get a
welfare check if people can get food stamps they’re not going to work I mean
that’s you know this is what we heard from one of these billionaires and
dollars this morning you know what’s gonna happen to the to worker family I
mean you know this is gonna hurt the economy and their own children don’t
have to work and their grandchildren and great-grandchildren and
great-great-grandchildren going oh you got to give people incentives to work
take away their health care take away their health insurance particularly
their food stamps it may get them get them scared out there you got to do that
it’s so important while they’re sitting on their billions and billions of
dollars we’ll have nothing to say about that you take away food stamps and
Walmart collapses right yeah yeah listen as far as what do we do about it what
can be done about it you have to do what it was just done down here in Mexico
you’re tired of hearing we talk about Mexico but you don’t not got to up end
the entire system you kind of attack the system from the top the top simply does
not care a very smart recycler the second psychiatrist friend of mine who
is basically Godfather of psychotherapy and university New York City once Domi’s
had never tried to understand crazy it will only drive you crazy well we can’t
try to understand how the oligarchs think or don’t think they do not care
about us we are not even on the radar they live in entirely different life
nothing is going to change so how did this and we can’t be distracted by the
fight from the bottom up if you will yeah I know I absolutely agree Nikolas I
think most Americans are not at all familiar with what happened in Mexico
most Americans don’t know about AMLO and who he is and what the deal is and why
people elected him you want to give us a 1-minute crash course yes thank you
Elmo is instituting a micro funding he’s a new president with them yes he’s
starting a project micro financing for the people at the very bottom vegetable
sellers in local markets etc they’re gonna get a 350 dollar loan zero
interest pay it back within the year and automatically the loan is continues on
ad infinitum this is gonna change a lot and here’s here’s a scary thing you’re
not gonna like to hear this no one is because Trump’s already gone crazy over
the last Caravan Mexico has just issued 10,000 temporary immigrant visas in the
last six days well now is that is that to divert people from heading to the
United States or is that to facilitate people heading or not to facilitate but
it is probably to divert the idea is to give them one year right to work within
Mexico in order to reduce I’d read aside or DISA or continue on it’s like if
they’re heading north that’s fine they’re not
try to stop them but they’re hoping that many will continue to stay in Mexico
given the full right rights of work and access to all services with MS so Mexico
is saying gee immigrants revitalize your economy immigrants yeah you know
immigrants do good things immigrants big skills even if it’s just late it’s just
manual labor they bring enthusiasm immigrants are good for our country so
we’re going to encourage these at the same time the Trump in the United States
were just shooting ourselves to the foot yeah amazing.
Nicholas, it’s always great to hear from and thank you
for your great work helping moderate our chat room on
YouTube it’s much appreciated Nicholas.