Let’s give Jon a call so he can tell us
what’s going on – and what we’re doing here.
– Okay.( line ringing )– Jon:Hello?
– Hey, Jon. How you doing?Hi, Lisa.
How are you?
I’m good.Do you see that maroon bar?– Yes.
– Yes.That’s the Island Bar
and Grill,
so we’re about five miles
outside of Chicago
in Blue Island.It’s about 47% Hispanic,
29% African-American,
about 20% Caucasian.So it is a diverse,
very ethnic market.
And just to give you the scoop,that bar was opened
four years ago by Adam.
Adam was in
the finance business.
He opens up this bar
to bring in income
and be a positive thing
for his family.
So in the past four years,this poor guy is losing
up to 5,000 a month.
( sighs )He’s $400,000 in debt.Can you imagine?
– Both: Wow.His whole family
works in this bar,
so this has turned
into a complete disaster
for his family.
So, Lisa,
you’ll dissect the bar.
you’ll dissect the kitchen.
We’ll get a scope
of the building overall,
and let me know what you seeso we can come up with some
ideas together to fix it.
Then we gotta re-huddle
and figure out
what our plan of attack
will be, okay?
You got it.
Thank you, Jon. So looking at the outside,
it’s really, really dark. Gloomy. Looks like it used to be
a restaurant at some point.The inside looks
a little outdated.
I don’t even know
their identity.
What’s the theme?
Who are you?Now there’s Adam, and that’s
the owner right there.
Welcome to Island Bar.
How you ladies doing? He’s the one that bought
this place for his family. We got Jerroid. Sup, man?
All that talking. Come on,
let’s get these orders out. He’s a kitchen manager,
and he’s also Adam’s uncle. There’s Tricey. All right, let’s take
everything towards the back. Why? We gotta
put ’em in, man. Let me get these
right here. ‘Cause we gonna have
to carry ’em out here. Lisa:
She’s a server,
and she’s Adam’s cousin.Why you guys so quiet
back here? That’s mama Linda. You guys act like
we’re at a funeral. The mom,
the uncle, the cousin. – Yep.
– This is truly a family affair. There’s another
cousin Kenaz. Oh, I’m sorry.
That’s Adam, man. This my big cuz. – Nice to meet you.
– This my everything. He cooks. We’ve got Sharee
behind the bar.She’s a bartender.Sharee is Adam’s sister.– That’s Prentiss.
– Gotcha.
He’s a manager.
Playing pool.
– During business hours.
– Yeah. Well, I guess he couldn’t
fit in the kitchenwith the rest of the family,so he must be an outsider.Alison’s a bartender,so we got a couple people
that aren’t blood. Okay, so here’s the recon
Jon had us sent in. Announcer:
Jon’s recon team arrives
at Island Bar and Grill,
a 5,000-square-foot spacewith a 40-foot bar,a dance floor, and a staff
mostly comprised
of the owners’ relatives.Jon really wanted
to make sure that we had a local
group of guys but people that have
never been to Islands. So this way we get
to see a fresh look at how the bartenders
treat new people. – Hello, guys.
– What’s happening, ladies? Hands on hips.
That’s the way you supposed
to go to a table. – You got Micheladas?
– Who? – Micheladas?
– What the ( bleep ) is that? A beer with
tomato juice in it? Nah, man.
Now what you want? Do you recommend anything? Tricey:
Don’t ask me if you’re not
gonna take what I offer. She looks intimidating.She just doesn’t look
very happy.
I need a drink.
– I’m hungry. The recon has never
been in there, and she’s treating ’em
like her cousin. How about a little
professionalism? Absolutely. You gonna stick
with onion rings? Yeah, yeah,
I’m gonna have a… I’ll take
the shrimp and grits. Look at this grease
in this fryer,
how black it is.Okay, okay,
okay, okay, okay, okay.
If Jon was here, he would
flip the ( bleep ) out.I can tell you right nowthat they’re not taking time
at the end of the shift to drain that fryer
and clean it properly.The hoods
are loaded with grease.
Stove top is filthy.Obviously they haven’t
cleaned this kitchen
in a long time.With that many people
standing around,
you think somebody
would have time
to change out some grease.
Come on.
Let’s get these orders out.
No, he told me–
they say put ’em down. I’m gonna go, bro.
I got ( bleep ) going on, bro.I’m dead serious.There’s a lack of training front and back
of the house. Absolutely.What kinda drink was that?This is where I need you
to help me understand.
She just served a huge bowl
of something blue.
– Look how big that is.
– Wow.
– It’s real strong.
– They make it strong.
She make it strong. If I drink that,
dude, you’re gonna have
to take me home.The biggest thing
I learned from Jon
is you wanna get them
to stay there longer
and you want them
to order more drinks.
Jon would be
the first one to say, “You serve that to somebody, they’re not ordering
a second drink. You’ve literally
lost your sale and you’ve got them
way too drunk. Try your shrimp. Too salty. Seriously. Nah, wait till
the waitress comes. Where is she, man? Lisa:
You have a table
of upset guests outside,
and she’s eating! Seriously, dude? What kind of bull( bleep )… Aaron:
They havin’ Sunday
family meal. Okay.
You’re gonna sit
out in the dining room and have a meal
in the middle of the shifton what should be a busy
going out night.
Please go in the back
and eat, Tricey.This is ridiculous.It blows my mind when
we come to places like this and they cannot
give customer service. Everybody that walks in that
door is paying your bills. Sir, are you not
eating your chicken?You ought to try it.That was a pile of lard.That was,
like, a salt shaker.
He dumb. He don’t know
what he talking about.We gonna have a problem.– You know what?
– You don’t like your grits?What?
What’d you just say to me?
Okay, Tricey
is on my ( bleep ) list. Not only did she try
to convince her table not to send the food back,
but she gave ’em attitude. – It’s not about you.
– It’s not. – Adam.
– Hello, gentlemen.
How are you guys doing? Tricey:
They’ve been unsatisfied
with everything.
That tastes like this
in the same grease. I apologize.
Just give me one second. I’ll be right back with you. I see him
trying to make good
with the customers. Because he just doesn’t know
how to fix the problem. They didn’t, um… They didn’t like
any of the food. Huh?They said the grits were
a little bit too salty.
Like I give a ( bleep )
about these orders, man. Aaron:
When you bring family
into the business
that are inexperienced, then you got yourself just
a cluster mess of bodies. Not able bodies. Just bodies. That’s Kenaz. And then Jarroid
back there just saying–
keep talking about, “Do this, do that.”
You do that ( bleep ), bro.Okay, Jerroid is getting
on your nerves,
but you cannot just
walk out like that, Kenaz. Those right there are great.
Taste ’em. I mean, that grease
has gotta change, so… I been here
three and a half years. I know when I come
to work what to do. Powerball. I got everything
back there clean. I filled up the coolers. “I got everything
back there clean”? You can’t keep
walking out, Kenaz. Come on, man.
I’m not gonna keep
doing that, bro. ( bleep ) that.
This is business. Get your ass
back in the kitchen, – and while you’re at it,
clean the ( bleep ) fryer.
– Exactly.Can I get ten minutes
to myself please?
Kenaz. Kenaz.
Come on, now.
( bleep ) powerball. – ( engine revs )
He’s gone.