Creeping Music starts to play *Clicks Bed* Intro music Well this update is gonna be pretty annoying… The Pach Notes Say You Can Falll asleep anytime… …and anywhere if your sleep bar gets too low… The only way to fill it back up is by sleeping… well… this update is gonna ruin alot of peoples days… oh no… *sleeping* alright everyone… Listen Up We Need To be Done By The end of The Month And if I Catch anyone fooling around… I will tear you limb from limb So Get to Work! …. NOW! Time is money! Later That Day… Time to Check on my employees!! How Is The Wrok Coming?Everything Is Fine Boss Happy To Hear That Hey boss Keep up the great work! 🙂 Man, i’m exhausted My sleep bar is almost out. I’m done… Later at a village… Hey there! Would you like to trade? I’d like 3 wool blocks. That will be 64 emeralds. Ok, here they are. Oh no… I forgot to take a nap earlier… hehe>:) I’ve gotton so many free emeralds from this update… I love it. Finally a desert! All I need now is a desert temple! *1 day later…* NOOOO!! NOT NOW! I just found the temple! 8 hours later… I’m going back to sleep. *writing* Ughh… Why did I leave all of this homework until the last minute? I am such a procrastinator… Looks like i’ll have to stay up all night to finish. * 8 Hours later… * Finally finished… It’s already time for school… I better get going before i’m late. NOOOO!!! I can’t believe I fell asleep! Maybe my teacher will take my essay if I hurry! Teacher! I’m so sorry I’m late! Could you please accept my assignment? Ummm… I’ll do anything! I need to pass your class! There’s just one thing… It’s Sunday. … *jumps out of a window*