Lambda, lambda, lambda nerds !!! In 2011, the first day in Amsterdam We decided to First night, actually We decided to go to the Ice Bar Which is that bar that is a cold chamber -7 degrees The glass is made of ice Oh yeah, there is one of those worldwide There is one of those worldwide, yeah We went to the Ice Bar, but damn it Amsterdam is very easy for you to walk But it is very difficult for you to get information Because you can not speak the name of the roads Oh, I know haha You have to get used to it, you have to get used to the pronunciation And we were not finding the f*cking Ice Bar And we went to the other side of town, man And it was like, 11:50 p.m. And our session at the Ice Bar was at midnight It was the last session And we were not finding it So a friend of mine decided to stop for information Me and Mrs. Tucano went right through the guys And he decided to stop It was some sinister faces, man There was the “White Zombie” * laughs * White Zombie * laughs * White Zombie was the boss, their leader * more laughter * Then he said: “Where is the Ice Bar?” And the man: “Ice Bar? I have coca” Hahahahahaha “No, no, no. I don’t wanna coca” “I wanna Ice Bar” “I have a good price” *laughs* And we: “F*ck, let’s go, man” “No, I’m getting information” “No, you’re getting cocaine” Then he realized and thought: “I’m going to drop these guys here, these dealers, and I’m going to look elsewhere” But then the guy realized that he was not going to sell the cocaine And decided to give information Ha ha! F*ck, man! And he said: “Hey man! Ice Bar is there!” And pointed to the other side Then this friend of mine said: “Okay, thank you” And he kept walking to the other side Oh, like, I don’t wanna know, yeah? Yeah Then the guy became indignant He said: “HEY! ICE BAR IS THERE!” An this friend said: “Oh, okay, fuck it.” Then we hear the guy behind us shouting: “BELIEVE MEEE!!!” Believe me! *laughs laughs laughs laughs laughs laughs* What’s up, nerd! Did you like the video? Listen to this whole story in the Nerdcast that is there in the link! And do not forget to sign up for the channel, click on the like button And share the video! Subtitles for: Mr. Pudim