Hi. Today we’re at a love hotel, where you make love. But we are here to show that love hotel is not only for couples, but you can also have an awesome time with your friends or if you need to spend the night in Tokyo by yourself You can come by yourself and this is really cool. To have pillow fights! Some come with us to a love hotel experience! Woohoo! So all the lovel hotels have a rest price and
a stay price. So if you just want to come for a few hours and rest, the
party starts at about 4,000 yen. If you want to stay the night that starts at
6,800 yen. That’s just for this one. They all vary. There are more expensive ones. This is probably one of the cheaper ones. The price always come with like everything that you need
for washing your face makeup, cream and here’s the
men’s side. Shaving gel, moisturizer design up wax Here we got regular face soap. Razors Hair brush, tooth brush Woah, fancy mouth wash Down here that are some kind of hair mist. Let’s see what we’ve got in here. Oh we got coffee, green tea, mugs, green tea mugs and kettle. That’s nice. Got some chopsticks with
charted English on them. Ah, you look so good to me. With my eyes open wide I can see. Ah, it feels so good to me and it’s so good
when you’re here. Cause I’m free. Is that a song or something? I don’t know, those are the chopsticks. And here they got all the different chargers for cellphones, Ipod whatever you may need to charge. That’s cool. And they got the Pizza-La menu
here so you can order pizza. You just have to phone the front desk
and then they’ll order it for you and bring it to your room Hi So we tried to order pizza and they got told us that we were too late. It was only
until 11pm. but he said we were allowed to leave the room and go to convienient store. So that’s what we are going to do. Back from the konbini! We got lots of goodies Annnnd I got a salad. And lots of awesome drinks. Acai banana, Milk coco, mixed fruit juice, jasmine tea, and my favorite— tuna onigiri!! And everything was like 1300yen. The konbini was awesome! Usually the coolest part of any love hotel is
the bathroom which is a lot better than any regular hotel. Comes with a Jacuzzi
bathtub, shampoo, conditioner body soap, cool party that
always comes with a bubble bath. This is not just any bath. It has mood lighting! That’s so freaking
awesome. see this is something that you would not
find a regular hotel so why not just come to a love hotel? And there’s a huge TV on the wall [Reads] Eiga o miru [Translate] Watch a movie [Reads] Muryou. And it’s free so you can watch a bunch of free movies. These aren’t adult movies. These are. But these aren’t so there are also regular movies that you could watch with your
friends which is pretty sweet And down here, this little fridge. But it’s not a regular fridge, it’s full of drinks. Water tea Pokari sweat, energy drinks, pocari sweat energy drinks and some
alcohol in the bottom. And you pay for these so you choose the
one you want by pushing a little lever. This one’s for you. So let’s get a water. Say you chose these one with 150yen You have to pay at the front desk
when you leave. Pretty cool. Time to wake up~ Good morning! Ohayou! These toothpaste tastes like bubble gum. Ohhhhh~ oh that concludes our love hotel
experience. We have just left the hotel. It’s like seven good morning. We were freaking tired. But it was fun. it was a nice hotel and
as you can see, it’s got some other things that regular hotel don’t have. So
if you ever need some place to stay I recommend trying love hotel. Thanks for watching guys. Bye.