hello it is Victoria Rose here and today
we’re doing something that I’ve wanted to do since I came to Japan because it’s
such a weird thing today I want to walk around and just look at the love hotels
shinjuku right now which probably has a lot of love hotels I don’t know
what we’re gonna find I know they have themed ones we’re just gonna check them
out maybe we’ll go in and I’ll show you guys what it looks like we’re gonna keep
this very PG let’s just go explore Shinjuku and go explore the love hotel
scene so we’re heading to the place here where
a lot of the love hotels are clustered and I guess they have loved hotels in
every city really in Tokyo love hotels can be traced back to
the 17th century they originated from places that were supposedly tea houses
but had secret entries and exits because of lack of privacy and small housing
love hotels became very popular in Japan romance by 1961 there is 2700 love
hotels in just central Tokyo let’s see what love hotels are like nowadays so
we’re at our first love hotel or one that I saw online anyways it’s called
Bali Islands and it’s like a I guess the Bali
themed love hotel I don’t think I could afford to go into this one but the
outside is cool so it kinda it’s not really common to book a love hotel
online because it is a very spontaneous ordeal so we went to the streets to look
at them for ourselves so it’s actually not it’s 65 dollars for a rest and a
hundred some for a day these were the rooms look like not that cool if you walk around shinjuku at night and
make your way kind of towards the light district there is so many host
clubs and love hotels it becomes very busy on the weekends probably not the
best time to go well this was cheap so that’s why first few we visited were nearly all booked full okay so we just went
and I feel like a lot of them are gonna be booked so I don’t know if I’ll be
able to go into one to show you what they look like but we’ll try this one
was cheap so it was all full but this lighting is really cool right I went to psych psychiatric don’t tell them that
numbah you just go out for the sole purpose pick up girls
so to Namba means to basically pick up girls and a lot of Japanese guys go out
and do this as this guy in the brown shirt is attempting to do yep there is now what was too expensive for our
budget sorry I’m not trying to get people on camera that are trying to oh this love hotel was Suites based and
they also had cost us about sugar and actually looked pretty fun okay so we’re
not having much luck right now here business hotel so that one was kind of
like a sweet type of I don’t know the head some costs there’s a weird every
when you go somewhere new we need to find this we are on a
mission is this kind of fun this is a mission now should we go a big difference between
normal hotels and love hotels is that the receptionist will be hidden hey you
come to a reasonable establishment and we’re just like we want to fcking love
hotel so where’s the sleaze here I almost got hit by a speeding truck this
is the red-light district we’re in the red light district by the
way I didn’t mention that so well what we need to go into this one this one
whoa they have Wi-Fi we should go in
they’ve got a little sx thing on the end uh another round here
that one’s nice cool most of them are all booked but stay tuned because we do
eventually find a really cool one because time was of the essence and we
still hadn’t found a cool of hotel we’d split up to increase our chances of
maybe finding something we went through a lot of love hotels just looking to see
if they have anything about wool eight even food that one smells like smoke and
it’s a tsp feels like we don’t like that one because there’s
not automatic doors we are going in circles right now this is whew. I’m hungry.
You should change that to let’s go down there a big winge-r looks
like we’ve not been down there these are all full so make sure you don’t go on a
weekend I wasn’t into that one and she’s like
semamasen in I’m like why you called me out like that hide your face it’s shut
the fck up nothing I ran out these pictures are not telling me at all the
smell is also not selling me so there’s a lot of places in Japan
where you’re actually just a lot of smoking in the room it’s kind of gross I
know you guys are smokers out there whatever it’s gross so they’re working
late into the night it’s like spin o’clock we made our way all the way to
Koreatown in Shinjuku okay so this is a different
day we didn’t have any luck the other night so we’re gonna try again today is
on Monday night so maybe it won’t be as packed that we found the one that we
want to go into we’re gonna see if they have any rooms that look cool enough to
film in okay so all the rooms there were just really really boring I can’t bring
myself to take you guys it’s one of those boring
so we’re gonna walk to another one that has I think cooler rooms on the inside
we came to this one it’s called Hotel the hotel very creative but again they
didn’t have any rooms available for us yes this is the third day of us trying
to find a cool enough love hotel to go into it smart and during the day on a
Tuesday so fingers crossed like I know if you guys watch my videos you know I’m
really bad at organization and planning and I feel a lot this is very weird
location I think we’re here I wanted to show you guys one of the
most intense love hotels I think in Tokyo it’s an S&M love hotel after three
days of searching I was just ready to pay the fee and look inside I love hotel
finally you have two hours here I’m just gonna
show you guys around Oh smells weird it smells like it looks
by the way it smells very like um what’s in here Oh totally
very old it’s very old style we had options this time and we decided
to go with the medical room this is actually creeping me out a lot I’m not
gonna lie I’m not into this type of stuff at all and this is all for video
purposes so I don’t want to get too monetized so I’m gonna try to be as
pg as possible all of this just to show you guys kind of the concept of
this I had noidea I don’t think you’re allowed to do that are you
really that’s actually the best part the best features that we found is that
demonstrate you can hang on these little pegs and it’s it’s totally like sturdy
so we’re at this hotel actually just for video purposes because I wanted to show
you guys the inside of a very themed love hotel and it was very hard to find
this as you saw my struggle getting here I’ll show you my favorite part first
they give you organic everything face wash cleansing liquid makeup cream all
of this stuff you can use this for man I guess so those are all the men but and
then you get a free comb there’s a free hair band in here a toothbrush razor is
this for a sponge for shampoo body so many three things that’s my favorite my
favorite part and then I’ll show you the little bathroom area first it’s kind of
the least impressive places so you get this little area what is this what is
this thing do you have that and then you have this tub which I feel like I owe
more free stuff this body cell by soap shampoo shampoo in prints let’s rinse
what is he doing out there should we go see dr. masked doctor masked man are you my doctor yes I need to check for the
ah temperature your temperature okay thank you
hey come here no actually they have instruments let’s
just say I don’t want to show in a camera they have instruments here you’re
allowed to use I’ll show them afar but not up close in there they have a
doctor’s cabinet and then they also have stuff on the walls whoo – hang up
laundry and then this is the bed area which is not impressive as well there
are mirrors and then there’s the kind of sallow fridge as you can see it’s Sallow
at the color and you’re allowed to get you’ll add to that these but you
have to pay for them I don’t know when they built this place but they didn’t
they never updated it I’m sure of that don’t like that okay in order to keep
this as PG as possible I’m going to show you the things I can show you which is
the costumes they provided I am nurse Victoria and this is us trying to awkwardly take
a thumbnail for this glorious video how do you turn this light on so I think
our light is broken which sucks because this is really good doctor light I’ll
just you know improvise dr. Victoria I feel like I should put in a hairband that is the basics of this I don’t think
it really anything else to show that’s PG enough just feels like the
gynecologist scary oh yeah you’re
a healing doctor what would you guys do if you saw if this is your doctor why
it’s kind of like don’t worry maam what do i have everything under the Sun I’m going
to take care of it all how where’s your stetha- okay so
we took some pictures we film some stuff we have to leave now cuz they don’t
wanna get overcharged so I’m going to just snatch all the free stuff cuz I pay
too much to not take all the free stuff it’s free right you can just take it
take it home also like we put in contacts to take pictures um yeah so
that was this love hotel most of us are not like this one they’re not all themed
I will see you outside time really flew by in the love hotel cuz you only get
two hours don’t see this other stuff sort of like pervy thing it’s more
exploring things that a unique to Japan I hope you enjoyed that video it was it
took all three different days to try and find one but we finally found one if you
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next other guys very much takes a terrestrial
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