Can you see me Way in the back here? I’ve been waiting I’ve been waiting in line. It’s been a long time Can’t get no service Still I’m hoping I am hoping for a sign That one day things will change And we can finally take our place That history won’t forget us Or try to minimize our pain And so I wait And so I wait Did you know that  When I get angry I breathe fire   I could burn this place down? You may not realize All of the small ways I am not welcome But just take a look around Still everybody knows That you need a place to go And livin’ isn’t easy If you incinerate your home  And so I stay And so I stay I may seem angry So please forgive me But I am still not free  In this society How long must we keep fighting For our right to be living? Wrongs overdue for righting  We’re a bit too forgiving So when you hear them Make claims of progress Take a good look And see who isn’t there We need a seat now At the table So please invite us Or don’t pretend to care. (Applause)