(Phil gasps) There is 100% a ghost here. This video is sponsored
by Warner Brothers. Thanks, bros. And you might be like,
Phil, where are you? What the hell is happening? Well, (laughs) I’m kind
of wondering that myself. As I’m gonna be trying to spend the night in a haunted hotel. (thunder) So I’m here and scared because of Doctor Sleep, which is a new film
coming out on October 31st and it is a sequel to The Shining, which is probably the most famous book or movie about a haunted hotel and all of the spirits that live in it. So to celebrate the spooky season, I’ve decided to stay in this old, notoriously haunted hotel in London and I’ve armed myself with
some ghost-hunting equipment. I don’t know what it is, it’s a thing. And hopefully were going
to see some ghosties. Or not, I don’t know. Do I want to see one? I kinda want to see one for the video, but then I also don’t want
to be possessed and… (crickets chirping)
pee myself. It’s only 8:00 p.m. and I’m already getting
the heebs and jeebs. I went to see the film the other day and let’s just say it’s pretty tense. I was gripping my popcorn
instead of eating it, which is probably a first for me. Also it has its fair share of big scares. And do you remember in The Shining there’s a little kid, Danny Torrence, who gets big zoomies on his tricycle and sees the girls that are
like, “Come play with us,” and the scary one in the bath, Doctor Sleep is about
Danny when he’s grown up to be a kind of troubled adult. I mean you would be if your dad chased you through a frozen maze with an ax. But (laughs) he’s also grown
up to be Ewan McGregor, which is pretty lucky. He has something called the shine, which is a supernatural gift of some kind, and I think you mainly see it with him because he sees the ghosts and he also has some
telepathic abilities as well. In the film-
(loud thud) I just heard a noise. Okay, it’s begun. I haven’t even started yet. In the film he goes back
to the evil Overlook Hotel where it all began and let’s just say some spooky stuff goes down… And that’s putting it lightly. – [Grady Twins] Hello, Danny. – Why did I decide to do this
video after I saw the movie? I should have done it before, I’d be far less scared. Here’s what happened
earlier when I arrived. At least it’s not room 237. Okay, I just got in the room and (laughs) it’s not
doing itself any favors because it totally looks haunted. Full size view of the bed,
I mean it’s really lovely. It’s just screaming
ghostly activity to me. I’m also in a basement room so I feel like if there’s any dead people, they’d have been buried beneath my feet. This little fire burner’s cute, hopefully it won’t switch on in the middle of the night, and set me on fire or this fan could blow
cold air on me to death. (laughs) I was like, what dangerous thing could that do? Ah yes, my important bucket of metal rods. Why buy a tissue box or a book
when you can combine them? Hoot hoot (beep). Terrifying old chair, check. I’m really confused because
there’s no bathroom in here. Wait. Oh. (laughs) I thought this was a wall. What’s in here? Oh, that’s nice, cursed toilet. I mean, that looks pretty new, I don’t think the toilet is cursed. And that is a snazzy shower. I’m gonna have some good times in here. That sounded wrong, but
you know what I mean. Rainfall, rain on me ghost daddy. See, I was all for
complimenting the shower but then this curtain is not, (laughs) it’s
not helping my vibes. I sounded like an old grandmother. Maybe she already possessed me. Children, eat my toffee. That’s what my grandma used to say, “Would you like a toffee,” every food with a toffee. The light is also pretty cr-… Oh my God. (laughs) That was a fully jump scared. (ominous tones) By that, what is that? It’s a bird. Okay, so that’s going
to be watching me sleep. There’s the bird, there’s the bed. I feel like I’m in an actual castle. I’m a bit scared that I’m going to wake up in the night and there’s going to be a ghost sat in that chair. Can we tuck it in please? Goodbye. Face away, no that’s even
creepier if it’s facing away. So I dimmed the lights
and I thought we could read about why the hotel is haunted. So in 1989 the manager of the hotel was showing a visitor around the hotel, and there was a group of children laughing and running around upstairs. So the visitor went down
to reception and was like, “Um excuse me can you tell
those children to be quiet?” And so the.. (laughs) That voice. And the receptionist said, “There are no children checked
into the hotel today, sir.” (thunder) – [Grady Twins] Come and play with us. – In 1991 someone reported that an old man had sat on the edge of their bed in the middle of the night. No, no. I don’t want an old man
on the edge of my bed. Maybe he could keep me company. Gerald, come sit with me. No, I take it back. (laughs) I take it back. So apparently the ghosts
arrive around midnight, so I’m going to get cozy, make myself a coffee, and then we’ll see what we can find. Okay I don’t know if you can hear it but I was just making a drink
and this rumble has started, in the room… (soft rumbling) like a really deep rumble
around that corner. But then it keeps stopping. (soft rumbling) It doesn’t sound mechanical, it’s just like a really deep vibration… (louder rumbling) That’s slightly freaking me out. (laughs) No I’m being serious. Ghosty, are you there? Rumble if you’re there. Course it’d stop now. Maybe they just had
something that was vibrating quite intensely and they
dropped it on the floor. Do we want to know? Caw! This video is sponsored
by Warner Brothers. (Thunder) So before I get any or
my ghost gadgets out, I though I could just ask the room if there’s a ghost here. Just like straight up
don’t need any technology, just gonna have a chat. So- (thump) Oh my god. (laughs) You must have heard that. I think it was just someone
in another room but, it was definitely a bang. Make a noise if you’re
gonna haunt me tonight. There’s lots of creakiness
happening. (laughs) I don’t like it. I’m not fond of the
creakiness in this scenario. The first thing on my ghosty shopping list was a UV light. Which is very questionable of a thing to bring to a hotel room, let’s be honest. But apparently if you
switch off the lights, you might see a ghosty. Oh my God, look at my teeth. That’s more horrifying
than anything that’s going to be in this video. Oh, nice to meet you. I’m losing subscribers by the second. This is quite atmospheric. Okay, I’m going to admit something now, I’ve got a slight, and when I say slight I mean a medium fear
of looking up chimneys. Especially in the dark and especially in a haunted hotel. So, I’m going to have
a look up the chimney but I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to do it. (Gasps) Oh it goes all the way up. Ugh, oh. Oh, oh, I don’t like it. (laughs) I don’t know why. I feel like some kind of demon
is going to crawl down it and grab my face and drag me into the sky. I mean is that Santa? Am I thinking about Santa? I don’t know but, no, I would rather haing, haing, I would rather there wasn’t
a chimney in this room. As much as I love these lamps they kind of look like they’re made of human skin. Which is giving me vibes. Every time I turn my back
to that chair I’m like, (gasp) (gasp) My jump is making a weird shape. Go away stop, stop. Hoot. Okay, you’re 50 times more sinister in the dark, Mr. Owl. You can turn around and not face the bed. I look like a floating head. It’s been about 10 minutes with the lights fully off and I am getting a bit nervous now. There’s a lot of creaks and bangs. And general noises that
I know are just other people but every time I
hear one I’m like (gasp). Deer in the headlights. So, I’m going to switch the lights on and use another gadget. So, I also got a retro tape recorder which I’m pretty excited by. And some tapes, if you’re a youngling, you might not even know this
is where music came from. Lets put the tape in. And I thought I could record the ambience of the room and see if there’s any ghosts that are like “what up.” or whatever. (feedback) Oh geez, you press play and record. What is your name? Let’s stop that, and we can listen back and see if there’s any
ghosties on the tape. What is your name? (static) I heard something then,
was that just me breathing? Wait let me play that again. What is your name? (static) That’s definitely a sound. I don’t know if its a ghost
sound, but it’s a sound. What is your name? (static) So what I could do is get
the sound file off this and see if we could like slow it down or make it more clear. Hacker action. I enhanced it and you
can kinda hear something. It doesn’t really (laughs) It doesn’t really sound like anything. But, I’ve listened to it about 1000 times and I might be going crazy or I think it sounds a bit like “Henry” or “Help me” or “Horny” or (laughs) or “Help the bees” I don’t know. Listen. (static with slight strange sound) It’s like (breathes heavily). I don’t remember breathing like that. so I slowed it down and we’ve got… (static with slight strange sound). That’s definitely like
a rwaaaa rwaaaa ha waa. And then I reversed it, (static reversed strange sound). Now that to me sounds like brown dog. (static) (speaking slowly) Brown dog. My hypothesis is (laughs) Gerald had a brown dog that was called Henry. Or, I just breathed when I was recording. It’s made my heart go a little bit, cause its kinda weird
and I’m on my own and I’ve been told this room
is haunted so I’m on edge. That tapping has started again. Can you just stop whatever
you’re doing in there. What’s happening, you’re
covered by the curtain. The next thing I got was this electromagnetic frequency reader. Which I’m very excited by and I might just use in
all of my everyday life. It basically scans to see where electromagnetic
frequencies are higher which I think ghosts produce, according to the internet. So it has light green, dark green, yellow, orange and red. And I think if it goes
into the orange or red then we’re in ghost territory. Do I release any? No. Quite interesting though
cause look my laptop, orange, ooooh. Let’s get the creepy cauldron
out of the way first. Any ghosts? We’re safe. Any ghosts in this fire? No, only the flames of hell. Scary corner? Ghosties? No. The lamp? No, the lamp is fine. Hoot hoot, this video is sponsored by Warner Brothers. Any ghosts on the bed? (gasp) On this side of the bed it’s going red. That’s crazy. What? What is over here, is it a lamp? No it’s not, the lamp
is..oh it’s got a bit. No. (gasp) There is 100% a ghost here. Gerald, touch my hand. Give me a sign. Well, that’s horrifying. I’m going to be sleeping
on this side of the bed, I’m making a pillow fort
between me and Gerald. Toilet ghost? I nearly dropped it in the toilet. Oh my God. That would have been (laughs) a disaster. Is there ghosts in the shower? That’s weird. Is there currently a naked ghost here and we just can’t see it? It’s gone back to green again now. Obviously it didn’t like that compliment. (gasp) Oooh, ah ah, what? No. There’s 100% a naked, showering ghost. I want to take a shower later so that’s going to be… Oh, it’s in the sink as well. Oh great, okay I just hate this room. So in the Dr. Sleep movie Danny Torrence communicates with a
teenage girl called Abra, who also has the shine. He communicates with her through telepathy using a chalkboard. So, I thought I’d try a
bit of automatic writing, is that what its called? Psychic writing. Something writing. Where basically you
clear your mind and just let your hand take you wherever you go and then the ghost (laughs)
will give you a message. I hate the sensation
of chalk on chalkboard, so this is a big sacrifice for you guys. Right, Gerald, come into my brain and possess my hand. I’m not even gonna think
about what’s happening. Redruuum. That looks a bit like a face. It’s like a screaming face. Can you see that? And then that one could be a musical note, so maybe Gerald had a funky haircut and then was an opera singer. That looks like a lamp
actually, can you see that? Maybe the ghost is in the lamp. My thing, the thing, where’s my phone? It’s stopping now. That was so weird. It was just flashing red.
Oh it’s back, its back. No. Is there a ghost? If you’re a ghost, flash red. Why would like such a
boost of electromagnetism just come into the room? That’s the most ghosty thing. There is literal tapping
coming from behind the shower curtain. (tapping sound) And I haven’t used the shower yet. (tapping sound) (metal scraping sound) (louder tapping) What is that? Why are you making a noise? If you’re the ghost keep tapping. (tapping sound) That’s really weird, it sounds like it’s coming from this light. (tapping sound) Goodbye, tappy mctapison. The last thing in my bag of tricks is this motion sensor light,
which was actually sold as a ghost motion sensor. So don’t think its a typical one. I’m going to put this at
the other side of the room, and (laughs) I feel like
this is a terrible idea. and if something moves in
the room, like a ghost, this is gonna light up. I just realized for
the entirety of filming this video that my pajamas
have been inside out. So give yourself a pat on
the back if you noticed. Haven’t even gone to bed yet and this is already
quite a scary experience. I mean when this went red, I freaked out. I don’t think we should ignore all the evidence we got. I mean this went crazy for no reason, we have the weird noise on the recorder, we have the tappy taps that
came from nowhere, the noise. So basically I proved ghosts real and we should (laughs) stop debating it. But now the hardest thing,
I’ve got to go to bed. I might watch something
calming on my laptop so I (laughs) I don’t
just fully freak out. I’m gonna have a haunted shower and then get into bed. I’m robing it up. You’ve got to do it if
you come to a hotel. You’ve got to put the robe on. I had a slight experience in the shower, which (laughs) I thought was paranormal, but I actually just
pressed my butt against the cold tap and fully sprayed myself with cold water. It was (laughs) horrifying
but also terrifying because I thought the ghost that I’d seen from the electromagnetic
thing had arrived. I’ve got a divinely chocolate cookie, Something just moved on the ceiling. It was just a shadow, like a shadow moved. Is it my? No. What was that? Okay. There’s something on the ceiling. Gerald is it? I wanna enjoy this cookie so can you just wait two minutes. This light was on earlier and now its just not working. Unless the bulb just went. But that is a coincidence to say we had the lamp
that the ghost drew. Am I seeing a pattern in everything? Or is it haunted? I’m obviously in bed,
I’ve built my pillow fort so Gerald can’t get me. This is a bit of a precarious situation for my bed drink but
there’s no bedside table on this side and I don’t want to sleep on that side cause that’s
where the ghost is. So I’m just hoping I don’t flail around in my sleep otherwise the ghost in the chair is going to get a wet crotch. I fully was about to go to sleep with my contact lenses on. So, that was a close call. That would be the true horror, Phil goes to hospital because his eyes have fused together. Oooh, I’m a ghost. This videos sponsored by Warner Brothers. (Suspenseful music) Okay, I’m actually peeing
in my pajamas because the ghost lamp just freakin’ lamped it up. I did roll over quite
violently in bed. (laughs) I was having a dream about ghosts, oh, that’s another story. But my heart is beating so fast. Oh, okay it’s gone. It’s kinda worse now its gone. It’s too dark. It might’ve been just me rolling over, but if I try and roll over now. Oh, okay, (laughs) so it
was me jiggling around. (laughs) That must have been a
pretty epic roll over in bed. I will try not to do that again. Uh, it’s gone. I got up to pee and it
sounds like I’m peeing now, (laughs) it’s not me. It’s the tap is dripping and I swear I fully screwed that in. Okay, why don’t I just
switch the lights on before I start talking to you. Oooh that is some interesting bed hair. You all right, Buzzer, did I wake you up? I can’t sleep. I think its just the adrenaline of waking up to that light earlier. So I’m gonna count some sheep. Maybe Danny Torrence could come in and help me drift off. Not in a dying way just in a sleep way. (thunder) (ominous tone) Morning has broken. I’ve survived. (children cheering) I didn’t get eaten by a ghost. I actually slept for
about probably five hours. I didn’t hear any children
running around or screaming. Which was one of the things. But I did sense Gerald
(child laughing) might have been in the room. I think I was so tired
that even if he was dancing around on my bed I wouldn’t have noticed. So Gerald there you go. You win. We didn’t get conclusive proof but I did feel a bit of a spook. Give me a thumbs up if
you enjoyed this video. I hope you have a happy Halloween and I will see you very soon. Goo-oo-oodbye. Make sure you check out Doctor
Sleep if you want a spook and thanks to Warner Brothers
for sponsoring this video.