If there’s one thing we all love is a
greasy and delicious mouth-watering cheeseburger.
There’s absolutely nothing healthy about a delicious burger. But you’re not gonna
be eating them every day, so whenever it’s time for you to make one do
something special. And this one is from the 1920s. To be more specific
it started in 1912. It’s been alive this long because yes it is greasy as I
mentioned, juicy, cheesy and absolutely everything you would ever want in a
cheeseburger. And today I’m gonna show you my take on it. So let’s do it! This burger was born from the
world-famous Dyer’s Hamburger Restaurant which opened doors in 1912 in Memphis
Tennessee. At that time they did not have a flattop to cook their burgers so it
was all done in a cast-iron skillet. And as you know the more hamburgers you cook
the more grease you will accumulate. Since they kept all the grease from all
the burgers being cooked at a certain point it just becomes a deep-fried
hamburger and the funny thing is they never changed that grease. So you know
it’s pack full of flavor and history which is almost impossible to replicate, but I am
going to do my best. And the first thing to do is to make a crazy flavorful
grease. Now they have been using the grease from the burgers which is
basically beef tallow aka beef fat. This is great to use and believe it or not
like Donna’s used to fry their french fries with this so I’ll definitely be
adding this to my mix. And this is lard which is basically pork fat. This one
here is not my favorite pick once I open it up it seems like it was a little
processed. I think I have something better. I want to use something as
natural as possible. It is the real deal a hundred percent pork fat. Let’s just
say it’s what makes bacon taste so good. And here we have duck fat. If you’ve
never used it it does have a unique flavor and I think throwing it into my
mix is just gonna make this special. So I’ll definitely be adding This in. But
now that we have all of our fats ready I need to add more flavor and for that I’m
gonna be cooking some onions into it. I’m hoping that deep-frying those onions
into the grease is gonna give you even better flavor. Now I’m gonna be
caramelizing the onions and not burning it. And to do that I’ll be keeping my
grease at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. You want it golden brown but not burnt. To
make it even more flavorful I’m gonna be using Worcestershire sauce. We know that
sauce was available during that time. I’m thinking that over a hundred years of
making burgers some must have gotten in there so I’ll definitely be adding that
in. Now let’s talk about meat because that’s the most important ingredient. I
like to grind my own beef and the theory of Dyer’s Restaurant is this if you have
a lean burger patty and you add it to the grease you will suck it up, but if
you have a fattier burger that won’t happen as it’s cooking grease will come
out. I’m not sure if that’s true but to me that does make sense. So to make my
burger blend I made 25% fat and the rest lean that should be plenty of fat. The
goal is to make three ounce balls if you don’t have a scale just use a measuring
cup, as long as the weight is consistent you’re good to go. And once I was done
this is what they look like. Now here’s an interesting thing there will be
absolutely no salt on the burgers, it’s all gonna come from the mustard, a good
amount of pickles and the cheese. However they do add a little bit of freshly
ground black pepper. When talking about cheese I’m gonna be using the most
popular one there is. Yes the process stuff! To me on a burger this is as good
as it gets. Yes it is the process stuff but it’s
good. For the bread I’ll be using brioche bun. That’s not what’s using Dyers but I
think this will make a way better burger. But now that we have everything ready
I’m gonna be deep-frying my burgers at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s a
hundred percent about technique. So I say it is enough talking and it is time to
make some amazing burgers. So let’s do it! All right everybody here we have our
beautiful. What do you think about that Angel?
I saw you making it. Yeah. It did not look that healthy. It’s that’s the whole point it’s
not supposed to be healthy yeah. I have a lot of things to say about this burger
one thing that I do want to say is I want to give a big shout out and thank
you to my brother Greg from Ballistic BBQ you inspired me to cook this burger.
Thank you Greg. Well I say enough talking let’s give this a try. You ready? Let’s go
for it bro. All right let’s go for it. I’m excited to try it. Cheers. Cheers. That, is an
amazing burger. mmm Super juicy plenty of salt from the
pickle and from the actual cheese no need to salt it at all. What do you think Angel I know
your opinion. I’m gonna say it. You gonna say what? I’m gonna say it. What? I’m gonna tell
them. Tell them whatever you want to bro honesty is always the most important
thing. What do you say. I think it’s better than a smash burger. You take that
back. I’m not taking it back. No no no no. You know why? I’m gonna tell you why, I like that the
burgers themselves are a little bit thicker. Yeah it is a little bit thicker
yeah. Yeah you still smash it. Well you smash it but but when you
deep fry it kind of goes like. Yeah comes back in. Right. So when you do the
smash burger you smash it on so it stays thin. But take that back. But I’m not
gonna take that back. It’s not better than the smash burger. It’s pretty good
it’s amazing but I don’t know about that. Here’s the thing I’m gonna take another
bite because it doesn’t feel greasy even though it’s deep-fried. Yeah, I was gonna say that, I saw you making it so I saw you dip it in a whole thing of oil and fat. But it it just tastes like like
not that it tastes like a regular burger right it’s regular the amount of oil is
regular. Yeah you would have think that when you’re dipping it in oil and you’re
bringing that thing up it’s going to be overloaded with oil but it’s not like
that at all. I mean maybe a little bit more greasy than a regular burger, but at
the same time a burger is greasy already. Right? It has more flavors. Yeah well
that’s because I put a lot of different things inside of that oil. Anyway guys so
here’s the thing I a lot of tips while Angel is still enjoying
his things. When you’re smashing it, do not try to just scoop it up and pick it
up and put it. Work with another spatula inside of your actual larger spatula
because you will keep its form. If you just like go like this and put it directly
you’re gonna rip the whole thing apart everybody. I have learned that the hard
way. You gotta be gentle. Be gentle with it
yeah. That’s what you’re trying to say. Another thing, keep your oil at 300
degrees Fahrenheit not above not lower. Use a thermometer if you have to that
way you get that nice caramelization maillard reaction all the way through the
burger which is exactly what you’re looking for. As the burger is cooking
everybody it will start to float it’s an indication that it’s pretty pretty close
for you to be done. Keep that in mind because as soon as you put it in it just
dunks you know it goes directly to the bottom. That doesn’t mean don’t check it. Yeah
that doesn’t mean it’s not ready how are you gonna know if it’s ready when
everything is nice brown. Caramelized. Yes if it’s still a little bit of you know
when you raise it and a little bit of the juice is still come up from the top
of the actual burger you will see the bubbling it’s not ready just give it a
little bit more time. I would love to know your opinion what do you think
about this. Do you think this is a great idea do you think it’s a terrible idea.
What do you think do you think it might be better than a smashburger? Cuz I do. That’s all you talking about, stop talking about the smashburger. Now what I would do, I’m gonna save that oil so that I can cook it for many many times since you’re cooking in a low temperature just strain
it and keep that oil for many many years into my kids do it and things like that
I think that would be amazing yeah. That’s that’s how I originate it right. Exactly just gonna keep that oil forever and you watch out because you’re gonna
be seeing a lot of different experiment with that oil. Just don’t burn that oil
don’t cook it over 300 degrees Fahrenheit that oil will last you for a
long time. I’m down. Anyway guys these are the results. I hope you guys enjoyed this
video. If you do enjoy them make sure you give it a thumbs up. If you’re not a
subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos. Remember if you’re
interested in anything I use, everything’s always in the description
down below. Thank you so much for watching and before going we must
confess. Confess. You gonna tell them. Confess what happened they need to know what happened. I’ll tell them. We ate it and we both thought that it was
better than the smashburger. No, no. When we were making it we couldn’t resist everybody. We ate all the burgers already. You saw that I make six total. We already
ate two because it was so good and you took a bite as well you couldn’t resist. I
only took one bite. On bite. Or two. One bite or two burgers. But he ate two burgers before this video. It is absolutely amazing I
definitely recommend you give me a try you won’t regret it. You won’t regret it. Thank you so much for watching. Better than a smashburger. We’ll see you guys on the next one. Take care everybody. Its not better than the smashburger. It will change your life way more than the smashburger. It you will change your life twice. Yes! We out everybody. Take care
bye bye.