before today’s episode starts I’d like to remind everyone that there’s 48 hours left in our seat discomfort drop which is currently live on our website discomfort calm and as a reminder any orders of 20 dollars or more you get the slack for free all right enjoy today’s video whenever we’ve gotten our flights cancelled and had to stay overnight at an airport it’s always left us wondering did anybody notice we hadn’t arranged a new flight and decided to just stay inside the airport would anybody kick us out well after watching the movie the terminal a story inspired by the real life of a man that under terrible circumstances ended up living in the Paris Airport for 18 years until as recently as 2006 it truly left us wondering are the rules still the same and what would happen if we tried so we decided to become the human guinea pigs of this experiment and test how long we could go for without going crazy while living in the confinements of an airport and so on our way back from Australia we decided to fly through Singapore and live in what is currently ranked the number one airport in the world we booked a flight we were not intending to Ford to get inside the airport and only had a ticket heading back to Los Angeles booked in four days later so the goal is to spend 72 hours inside this Airport and see if it’s actually possible state inside of an airport without being noticed do they keep track of who’s in the airport and if they notice can they do anything technically you’re not in the country right you’re interesting yeah we just exited so we’re in the no main plan is it a neutral zone I don’t know I’m making all this up yeah my voice wait it’s mine as of 2:00 p.m. we have officially missed our flight now is when it actually begins can we do the checklist now yeah let’s do it first thing on the checklist when I walk around the airport and find all of the different food options that we have he was my life Oh baby no can we dude it’s outdoors oh I love this Airport I’m staying here forever well I guess a lot of people wouldn’t want to hop in the pool in there at the airport right Lester please get to the flight so we kind of have it for ourselves we could say you’re weak should we check the hotel you need a boarding pass I know I just I just passport holla later how long do you allowed to stay in this hotel about the airport not be able to stay there you know right okay okay sounds good okay thank you can’t be in the airport for more than 48 hours challenge accepted can they check when we scanned in how long we’ve been in the airport like if we get our passports scan up here are they gonna know like you’ve been here for a day already you can’t stay here for two days a second you revista like the luxuries that’s when they start asking questions of why are these guys here for two whole days yeah but like we could have a bed we could have a bed there’s signs everywhere that says if you see anything suspicious let people know and we definitely look suspicious Hotel those stop it stop it I think this whole experience would be not so bad there wasn’t like a baseline layer of fear it’s like I don’t know if this is allowed or not and then the other thing too is just like are they watching us we don’t know [Music] with this the dollars interesting what the hell is entertainment Dec no this Caribbean flavor weenies 24 hours Dana 24 hours starting to scout for places to sleep this is the best I got after an hour of walking around the airport we both trying to fit on this or should we find another way I feel just like being woken up by security and being like show me your ticket that’s a do it weirdly specific man are you gonna sleep on the floor like the weirdest person on earth right now I’m willingly choosing to do this is currently 48 I’ve been here for about 11 hours so try and get some sleep on this bench and mat is on the floor are we doing math fantastic this can’t last three days where you have to try something else tomorrow for now it’s probably gonna be one of the worst night of sleep will ever have there’s announcements there’s people talking music actually constantly playing and then 6:15 this is what’s waking us up or at least me this is worse than any alone time to get up food is news painful and sleep on half 57 hours left the thing is after we’ve gone to 19 hour flights and like we get to go out yeah I think we’ve established that day 2 has officially begun and we still haven’t been caught the probably knows that so they pass out on the ground though what should we do today we know a lot of what exists in this airport in my opinion I think we should just do all the things polluters to take advantage of every amenity in this Airport today quick stop at the gym all right let’s explore the airport with full on your side Carlos you’re like moaning I was hearing Matt going like [Music] and Fries by the pool [Music] nobody cares that we’re here we are free to do what we want you know toast shall we it is like we’re on a three-day date it is pretty romantic [Music] [Music] now back to hell matcom is the actually extremely painful part which is trying to find somewhere to sleep in an airport that doesn’t sleep where are we going I don’t know man don’t think I have slept more than two hours in the last three days as much fun as today was I just feel horrible right now excuse me sir do you know where the nearest place to sleep is sir good news what is he saying I don’t Matt’s lost his mind don’t see your rest there and this terminal go sir all of three venture off to the far land we cannot go beyond Terminal two Gandalf okay terminal 3 is the father’s land of them all you’ve not yet discovered okay I’ll follow you so there’s not a single rest area and this entire giant terminal well we’re now officially entering the third terminal and the only one we have an explorer yet and when we passed by on the train is called a jewel it’s huge central area that has this massive waterfall which is pretty much what makes this Airport famous we haven’t gone there because we think you need to exit the airport to actually get inside of it overwhelmingly right next to customs inspection I have this entire couch for myself and that is on this couch right next to me still very loud – music playing right here I’m gonna put these on I pass out see you in the morning we missed our flight we’re going to Los Angeles yeah oh thank you very much I just thank you oh my god I was so scared that that two minutes later we’re surrounded we got so lucky that we didn’t get checked last night would have been like your flight is in three days now because we got checked at 3:30 a.m. yeah as you’re saying it’s technically tomorrow it’s like excuse me sir security check I was like just like being woken up by security and being nice on your ticket it’s a weirdly specific congratulations you played yourself dramatic falls asleep [Music] all right so today’s our last full day in this airport we have reached a point where I think one more day after this one and we would be kicked out very easily what do you want to do giving them this is third day that we’re here the next seven hours are probably the most suspicious because after this we have a boarding pass and we’re allowed to be here right right I’m amazed that guy looked at our past if you say we’re gonna try and not bring too much attention to ourselves and just get some work done for a few hours start to date three only six more hours until we can get a boarding pass I think we should try to check into one of the freaking hotels tonight I don’t think it says how long we’ve been here right should avoid in general anybody’s scanning our passports that’s like the last thing we want to do we have a boarding pass which we’re gonna get at 3:00 p.m. we can show them we’re leaving tomorrow and then do they really have a reason to not let us try it yeah the reason is can’t be in as a port for more than 48 hours I don’t honestly want to convention again police let’s try it yeah fair get you in try it is there the options stand outside and sleep like at this point sleeping outside is almost sketchier I guess worst-case scenario is they kick us out and then penalize us and don’t let us back in so we miss our flight Oh worst case scenario is we could what there’s no where doesn’t say anyway we don’t know if we’re breaking [Music] so tonight once we get our boarding passes we shall attempt to check in to hotel you know what that is also marks its 24 more hours left once we get the bar okay we’re gonna try and give a shot at showing up at the transfer lounge and seeing if they would let us check in this boy dude take me out can the only be happy to go we do 11780 so being shipping he’ll be to get together please Jimmy Carr you got two necklaces [Music] [Music] after spending 4 entire days in an airport man and I could not have been more relieved to finally come home and as much as being woken up in the middle of the night by security was startling it did make us feel a bit safer to know that there is security double-checking on people but it still left us wondering where we randomly selected that night or did those guards specifically come to check up on us did anybody ever realize what we were doing or did we just live inside this airport for four days without anybody noticing I guess the airport security aren’t the only ones that’ll ever have the answer to that question we’ll see you next week thank you so much for watching today’s video we hope you enjoyed it one last reminder obviously discomfort off his life for another 48 hours so please be sure to go to the website to see the discomfort calm and check out the collection we’ll see you next week [Music]