– It’ll be like this flowy, silk thing and like, when I fold it out like this, it’ll look like I have wings and stuff. It’ll be really–
– Hey guys, um, can I have everyone’s
attention for a second? – I mean, I was just
describing my dream cape, but sure, whatever.
– Thank you. Um, just wanted to prepare you guys for some physical changes
that I’ll be going through in the near future. This weekend, I was at a restaurant and I didn’t eat the bread. (everyone gasping) – Holy shit.
– [Trapp] What? – So, needless to say, I’m gonna have Gisele’s body like, any day or minute now. – Oh my God, wow, congratulations. – Wait, wait, wait, wait. I was in the bathroom and I heard gasps, what did I miss? – Cassia didn’t eat the bread one time. – So you could have Gisele’s
body like, any minute now. – Yeah. Uh!
– [Trapp] Uh! (excited chattering) – Wait, tell us the whole story. Like, we gotta hear
every detail about this not-eating-the-bread-one-time miracle, I mean, where were you? – So I was having dinner at Gene’s Not So Lean’s Italian Cuisines. (oohing and aahing)
– I love that place, one of those with the S after Lean. – Great bathrooms–
– Wait a second okay, shut up. Who were you with? – No one. – What?
– Tout sole. So that makes it all the more
enticing to eat the bread, cause you have to kill the lonely. – Okay, when the bread came to your table, you jus–
– Didn’t eat it. – Well f–(beep). – This is incredible! (excited chattering and laughing) – I cannot wrap my mind around this not eating
the bread one time thing! – Are you trying right now? – I’m trying! Nope, just can’t do it. I cannot believe it.
– [Shavon] I have no idea. What did you eat? – [Voiceover] Ooh. – I ordered spaghetti
bologniase, extra niase. Oh and that was another thing, they forget the extra niase at first, so I had to send it back. – What the fuck?
– So that was another full 15 minutes of me
not eating the bread. – No. – My Gisele body hasn’t popped on yet, but I’m sure it will any minute now. – Of course, Cassia, you not
eating the bread that one time is more heroic than our soldiers. – Well, I don’t know. – Cassia, this package came for you. – Oh, thank you. – Oh, bread! – [Trapp] Yeah! – I ordered a bunch of stuff off Amazon when I realized I would have Gisele’s body any second now. Plus I love the fact that
she’s like, from the Amazon. (chattering)
– Yes, yes! – So this is all I’ll wear now. bikinis, string bikinis.
(oohing and aahing) – You’ve got it, flaunt it. – This is where I’ll work now. – Oh, cool.
(oohing and aahing) – And of course I love the Patriots now. – It’s a football team. – Or shall I say, well I have to practice
Brazilian before I can use it. – Cassia, are you saying you think you’re going to become Gisele? – It was warm bread and
a whipped, tiny butter that I forwent. – Than that’s it, you’re
going to become Gisele. – Yeah, and she will become
me and get this body. – Actually in that case,
do you mind if I um, I’m just gonna ah… – Is that–
(marker squeaking) – For Tom Brady. – Yeah, I wanna fuck Tom Brady. – Hey, I’m Cassia from CollegeHumor. To subsribe, click here and to see more fun stuff, click here. Now can I get my fucking chocolate latte? No, It’s a hot chocolate
with extra foam, idiot. (light hip-hop music) Don’t forget to click. (laughing nervously) Just kidding, I drink.