This video is not gonna have any script.
I’m not reading anything. I don’t have any points written down. I
originally started to write down points and things I wanted to say to you guys
in this video but I decided that I just want this video to be purely from the
heart and I hope you guys will feel that. Alright guys so I just – I’ve been
thinking a lot since Wednesday’s video and I’ve been taking all of your
comments into consideration. I read every single one of them and there was a lot of
comments. I think there was almost 60 comments. Let me just tell you guys, those
comments meant so much to me. While I was reading them – I’m gonna cry God. As a
good business owner, I usually think with my head. I don’t always think with my
heart if that makes sense and that ends up being very very useful in business
because a lot of the times you have to make some really hard decisions that
your heart’s like no I don’t want to do that it breaks my heart but you know
logically you have to do that for the business to succeed. That’s one of the
things that have been really hard for me to learn in business especially for
things like when someone stole from us – if you guys saw a video recently. Your
heart is telling you I don’t want to put this person in jail. I don’t want this
person to get these repercussions. I don’t want to ruin someone’s life but
your brain is telling you I have to do that to prevent them from hurting other
people in the future, from hurting other businesses and then you start to weigh
back and forth and you know that you have to do what logic tells you to do but
your heart is still there and doesn’t want to do it. That’s just one situation
of many that I’m sure you guys can think of as well. So Wednesday’s video was
really hard for me to film and when I went into it I was so sure that’s what
me and Brandon had to do to protect our business. Keep in mind, we started this
business at the back of our car broke and that
felt like the only thing that really pushed us out of the bad spot we were in
life at the time and brought us to be really successful in being able to do
everything that we want to do and being able to work toward everything we wanted
to work toward. For a while now, we’ve been getting the messages that I
spoke about on Wednesday. The messages where you can tell people are trying to
build up a business because that’s what we’re doing. But lack of other words,
they’re starting to copy us. They’re starting to be look-alike
businesses that are popping up purely because people found our channel. Not
saying they’re popping up fast but it’s happening and we know that because we’re
getting all these messages around it to our Facebook page and and other means of
contact through email and one by one they started to get harder and harder
for us because when we got the first one, we’re like ‘well let’s just ignore it. No,
we’re not gonna listen to it.’ Then we got another one and another one and
another one and. Every time that we got them, we were getting more and more
worried. We are getting more and more worried
that everything that we’ve worked so hard for, everything that we’ve been
pushing for this entire time, we were worried that it would eventually go away
and that’s because we were like one day the story of cookie munchers could be
those stupid people who decided to inspire a bunch of other people to start
the exact same business they had and ended up creating their own downfall and
Brandon we’re just talking like what about this story of the Cookie Munchers’
downfall when all these businesses come in and crush us because we helped them
get there. We taught them everything that we knew that took us months to figure
out in just minutes and that thought is just terrifying to us because cooking
munchers just means so much to us that every message that came i, we’re
getting more and more scared. Sorry guys you know I guess I uh there’s a little
more emotion in this business vlog guys. But I just wanna be real with you guys
and just get it all out there. Sorry guys, I might be crying a little bit
through the rest of this vlog. I’m gonna try my best to keep it down. Anyway, that
just really got to us. It’s starting to really scare us and it’s scary as any
business owner when you put all this time, this effort, all this money, take out
loans, figure it all out. One of the biggest things that’ll scare you as a
business owner is when you feel like something could jeopardize everything
that you’ve worked for especially when it’s at your own fault.
And I know it’s hard for me to admit that I’m scared because in the end of the day, our
two mottos are dream big and be fearless. So then yesterday after I posted that
video, I started seeing all the comments roll in from all you guys and that’s
what really got to me. So I got to see comments and advice from
you guys. All of our supporters just commenting and commenting and commenting. So
many of them. People who have been with us since day one or people who haven’t
done with us since day one, they might have just joined the channel but
they love being here. They love the mission. They love what we believe
in and they believe in the same things. We are starting this business with you
guys. We didn’t started alone. I don’t get upset easily guys. I am one of the most
happy, uplifting people that I know and you guys know that you’ve seen us since
the beginning but I can tell you that yesterday.. Yesterday I felt like crap. I
was feeling really really really down. And the entire day I was trying to feel
better. The entire day I was like Cassie it’s gonna be okay you’re making the
right decision like but then at the same time I’m like if I’m making the right
decision why does it feel so bad? Why am I so upset? So then finally I texted
Brandon. He’s now in Jersey keep in mind at our first location. I’m on my way back
down to Florida. I just got to my apartment. I just got here and
immediately started filming this video and I said Brandon I know you’re not
with me right now but I have just felt so terrible the entire day. I said to him
I know we discussed this and I know that we logically are making the choice that
we said is right for the business to protect ourselves, to protect the
business, protect everything we’ve worked for but I was like but if it’s the right
decision why does it feel so wrong that as I saw you guys comments coming in
some of them being upset, some of them encouraging us to keep going, some of
them giving us advice in other ways, shapes, and forms. Some people saying
that even though they were upset, they were going to follow us through the
travel vlogs and as I read them, I couldn’t stop thinking: Am I just scared
and giving up? And then I thought back. I thought back
to when we first started Cookie Munchers and we were in our car if you guys
remember and I’m filming with my camera saying guys we’re starting our business
today – so excited. We only had at the time maybe 200 something 300 subscribers max.
It wasn’t a lot of people watching but there were people. There are people
watching. At the time, it didn’t seem like a big deal. We were just throwing up the
camera, vlogging what was going on in our lives and then over time I started to
feel really close to you guys. I’m starting to feel kind of like – like we
know each other especially you guys who comment in the in all my videos – the ones
that I get to know because I see your comments all the time. I’m like
where’s their comment today? You know they always comment like where is it and then
finally it popped up and we’re like oh yes they commented yeah I’m so excited! In
business, there’s always gonna be bad days. Days that just – they feel like
they’ve beaten you down. They feel like – the days that just scare the crap out of
you.When I’m having those rough days, I’ll see one of your guys comments come
in on just one of my normal videos and say Cassie keep going this is awesome or
even just saying good or just giving you suggestion for the future just being as
excited as we are about growing this business. I’ll walk out of Cookie Munchers.
I blinked. “Wow today was a really bad day I don’t know if I’m okay then I’ll see one of
those comments pop up on my phone and I’ll be like oh my god like I look at
Bran look I got a comment! I’m just so excited. When I see them, I’m
like Bran, this is why we’re pushing. Like you guys feel like our team. Like we’re
like our team is still rooting for us like we’re gonna pick it back up. We’re gonna
keep going and everything’s gonna be okay no matter how hard times get if I
look back at your guys comments on any of our videos,
it keeps me pushing. It keeps us hustling and I say that all the time in
videos but obviously I don’t say it to this extreme. What I said to Brandon
yesterday when I saw those comments coming in, they always say that we
inspire them to keep pushing, to be motivated, to want to do more, to keep
hustling in life. Now I was like, but honestly Brandon we could say it safe to them
100%. And after I posted that video, I felt like I was giving up because I was
scared. I just felt like I lost my team – something that’s so important to me. You
guys – we’re on the team together. And I said Brandon up until this point,
we’ve grown Cookie Munchers this big because of our team, because they’ve been
here for us, because they’ve been supporting us, cause they’ve been a part of
this with us since day one we’ve been vlogging. He thought about it, he was like
damn it Cassie I’m conflicted now too. I don’t know what to do. Then we face the
decision of what do we do? Do we keep vlogging but jeopardize our business but keep doing what we love, what makes us passionate, keeping a part of
this with you guys or are we too scared? Do we have to run away – do we have to say
we don’t want to end up crushing ourselves? Do we want Cookie Munchers to eventually have a downfall because we inspired it, because we
created it, because we helped it and that’s when we came to a decision – me and
Brandon both pondered it for a few hours. Yesterday, Brandon even spoke with one of
our employees, Andrew, about it who’s been with us since Rhys bagels – since almost
when we first started. He’s been with us. He sees the vlogs. He’s been in the vlog
since the real beginning if you look back and Drew is in them. He thought we
should keep them going and I spoke to Brandon and he felt the same way. So I’d
like to announce that even though we just posted it, we’re taking it back guys.
We will keep vlogging Cookie Munchers! We will keep vlogging the journey. We will keep you
guys a part of it. We’re so excited we made that choice because at the end of
the day, yes it scares me, it terrifies the heck out of me, it terrifies the heck out of Brandon. But at the end of the day, we love you guys so much! More
than you guys will possibly ever understand – what you guys have done
for us, being here and supporting our channel and being part of the Cookie
Munchers journey and growing this awesome thing into something huge. So what
we’re gonna do is we are gonna resume the vlogs. We’re gonna resume the business
advice. We’re going to resume the vlogs. We’re gonna show you guys the grand
opening of the Tampa location. All that is still going to happen. The only
difference is we’re gonna have to be a little smarter about it.
I think we’re just gonna have to be careful with what exactly we’re posting
and show you guys more what’s happening. As much as we want to share everything
with you guys, we have to say this love it and just end us I just go on rambles
sometimes just telling you guys everything, at some point there has to be
a limit. For now, we’re gonna hold off on our courses – the course that I was making
for you guys which really sucks cause I was really excited to post it. I’m
having so much fun writing it and I do believe I’ll be able to post it someday. I
do. I just need to figure out when the perfect time is to post it. So I really
hope that you guys understand that but I hope you guys are also really excited
that we are gonna keep posting about Cookie Munchers. We’re not gonna let
people scare us into not doing it. We’re not gonna let fear be in the way
of having you guys be a part of our journey because honestly you guys are so
important to that journey whether you guys realize it or not. If I was to
summarize how this past 24 hours has been, it’s been a literal battle between
your brain and your heart and it’s been really rough but I think you guys can
tell that this video is purely coming from the heart and all these decisions
are coming from the heart. The only one that’s coming from the brain is that we have to
tone back on certain things. We need to be logical about what exactly we share.
Whether we show all that information or not, people are still gonna do that
either way. But at the end of the day, we’re different. We have passion
behind what we’re doing. We’re hustlin hard to make it happen. We dream big. We
are being fearless and that’s what makes us unique. Every business has a story
behind it. Every business has a purpose for being and
Cookie Munchers, our purpose is dreaming big and being fearless. It’s making
the best out of life and inspiring others to do the same. That’s the core of
what we’re doing. That is the absolute reason why Cookie
Munchers exists and without you guys, we would lose that and we’re not ready to
lose that. Anyway guys, we absolutely love you guys so much. I am so happy that we
are gonna continue these because honestly, I felt like I was lost for just
the day that I was feeling bad about this and just not feeling bright. I was
feeling uneasy – best way to describe it. So whether we are growing Cookie
Munchers or we are doing our other passion of traveling, I hope you guys
will come along for either of those journeys. I do think I’m still gonna post
the Iceland vlog. What I’m deciding now is there’s four more days left in the
Iceland series. So what I’m debating is if I should post them all as one big
movie – like one big day which would probably be like, I don’t know 50 minutes
long or so or if I post them individually or if I just don’t post
them at all. Let me know what you guys think. Those are
really exciting vlogs but it doesn’t exactly follow the trend of this channel
currently in business but that being said, we’re gonna be traveling eventually
anyway so let me know what you guys think of that. I would love your advice
in the comments below. Thank you guys for commenting and caring. It means so much
to us. I’m happy to have you guys on our team whether we’re traveling or in business.
Either way, I’m bringing you guys along in the journey so get ready and I hope you guys
are excited. Please spread the word and share this video. Press the share button
below and let people know that we are back. We are pushing – and especially even
if there’s new people who might want to join the munch fam, let them know. Share
it with them and maybe more people are interested in coming along this journey
to our second storefront location. Speaking about our second storefront
location guys, I’m not gonna do it in this video but in the next video that we
post we’re back to Monday Wednesdays and Fridays. I’m so sorry that this has been
so confusing. I will be showing you guys the Tampa
store. It’s back and running. We got the permits! We got all these sections
complete and gotten the thumbs up from the inspector dude. That one is back
under construction. I literally just arrived at the house to post this video
but my plan is to get back over there and I’ll probably make the second vlog
actually today showing that location. So we’re super excited about those things
are all coming together and I’m just feeling so so good about this video guys.
I hope you guys are too! I can tell you right now. Even though I cried through
half that video, I am still feeling way way more happy than I was about filming
that video the other day because this feels right in my heart guys and I
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Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this video. I
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really do keep me going. Give a thumbs up if you guys like this video and we’ll see
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took it down really really fast once we made that decision – I think a lot of you
guys missed it so go back and check that out. I’ll also link that on the end screen to
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back on my channel from the beginning of Cookie Munchers so hope you guys are
excited about that. I missed you guys even though it was only like 24 hours.