– Hi, guys. My name is Srikrishna, and today, welcome to the Emirates part two. We’re at the Hyderabad Lounge. So let’s go explore. There’s newspapers over there. Sweet and salt cookies. And these peanuts are delicious. So, the food’s right here. This is roasted garlic lentil soup, and bread, bread’s over here. Butter, pound cakes, pineapple mousse, pastas, salads, and fruits. Moong dal Halwa. Fried rice, sweet and sour vegetables. These are chicken and vegetable puffs. They’re so hot and tasty. This is chicken kebab. Guys, I’m just sticking
to bread and butter, ’cause I really like it. This is early morning so
I don’t wanna eat a lot. So I’m eating very little. That’s good.