the water is so nice feel so good [Music] [Music] and [Music] we use all our money in gamble that taxi cab is kind of weird I think he took us for a little spin I don’t know if I trust that route because you get them going around and round and round and anyone who’s led to the gas station which is even sweeter so we just check in kind of late so just really retired want to go check out a room and see what’s inside [Music] Wow first it’s like almost so nice and it’s almost the fake cool gives it you on the ironing shoes I’m cool I thing is about to grow I guess from you this formatting so quick tip for you guys we just came from the airport and took a taxi to the hotel when we got out there was a bunch of taxis is like a huge mess at the airport we talked to like the standard taxi people and they wanted 1500 pesos to get to our hotel we called uber and it actually costs because 208 pesos so definitely recommend just calling an uber you’ll save some money when you get to the Philippines just woke up time to make some coffee [Music] without the coffee the rest of the day was thrown off so this morning the plan is to go for a run to go to the gym go to the pool and I think that’s about it well Michael is not feeling so well I think she got sick from the fight I don’t know what’s going on ro is getting sick trying to go overseas even though I you know we wore masks so might need to take it easy today but just getting flashbacks from our last trip [Music] [Music] so much construction set the Hokkaido hotel behind me or there is Hyatt now we’re going to go run towards the ocean so much construction just finished that run awesome let’s go check out the pool I once forgot I’ve got a change for us let’s change let’s head over to the pool ah love the Philippines like a perfect day probably like a little about 30 degrees outside get super nice I wonder if you can see Michael in my glasses [Music] shower complete time to get some food so on the first floor the reception area they have this really nice buffet we’re going to check it out there’s actually a casino right behind me it’s pretty cool [Music] [Applause] laughs with don’t watch [Music] the Blue Marlin it is like more foodie than I’ve ever expected in my entire life so much [Music] [Music] there’s got chips everything got yet tips migrated ever loved it I’m so full that food was so good I think I need to take a nap [Music] all right that concludes our ship in the Hyatt in Manila if you liked the video hit that like button if you have any questions or comment obviously leave it in the comment section below and if you want to subscribe like always subscribe talk to you guys soon [Music] you