[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Stephanie
Essin here from GDC. I’m chatting with Sean
Keith from Mantisco. He’s showcasing his game Hunters
Arena at the Indie Game Lounge at GDC. So tell me, what’s
the game about? So the game is really
innovative, actually. It combines elements of RPG
games with Battle Royale. There’s a battle
map, 50 players. They fight monsters,
gain experience, level up, and ultimately try
to be the last one standing. So I noticed a lot of
people were coming by to check out the game. Talk a little bit about
that organic traffic. I mean, you guys weren’t
expecting that, right? Actually, before coming to
GDC, we had hoped for the best. But we kind of had very
modest preparations. A lot of players and a lot of
people, especially developers, have stopped by because one,
the game looks beautiful. But two, because of the
innovative game play. You have both RPG elements
and Battle Royale elements. And so people are stopping by
saying, how does the game work? What are your mechanics? And because of that,
you know, we’ve had a lot of good conversations. And yeah, as more people
gather, then more people come. So it’s kind of been a
success built on success. That’s awesome. Can you talk a little bit
about the Intel piece of this and how they helped
integrate into the game? Sure. So Intel’s been a great partner. First of all, Intel
hardware has enabled us to make these amazing
graphics and special effects. And second of all,
Intel support– for example, giving us
the space in the floor to meet with players
and developers– has been really wonderful. Great. So a lot of networking
opportunities too. Tons. That’s great. Cool. So where’s Mantisco
based out of? Sure. So Mantisco is based
out of Seoul, Korea. And right now, we
have about 42 people. Several individuals,
such as myself, are overseas to make sure
that the game is optimized for a truly global audience. And hopefully, it can
succeed on a global level. That’s great. So speaking of
that, how do people go to learn more about the game? I understand you don’t have
a big online presence yet. But that’s what you’re
aiming for, right? So yeah. The game– to get
to this point, we’ve had to put in a
lot of hard work. And right now, we’re actually
in the beginning steps of creating a social community
and establishing a web presence. So actually, even
though we don’t have a Facebook page or
an Instagram page yet, we will soon. If you really want
to get a hold of us and find out more about
the game or about Mantisco, you can contact me
personally at Sean– that’s S-E-A-N at IMantisco,
I-M-A-N-T-I-S-C-O dot com. Feel free to send me an email. And as we get
further along, I’ll make sure to shoot
out a newsletter. We’ll let our people that are
interested in the game know more about us and
eventually welcome you to our [? fledgling ?]
community. That sounds great. Well, thanks again, Sean,
for meeting with me today. And remember to check
out the links provided to get that exact email
address to shoot Sean an email and get to know more
about Hunters Arena. Thanks for watching. And thank you for joining me. Thanks so much. See you, guys.