Hey everybody
This is Randy Santel Atlas with Atlas and Zeus Promotions It is about to get cold in here! I’m at Whistle Stop Frozen Custard in Ferguson, Missouri, which is part of St. Louis. I’m Taking on the “Train Wreck Challenge!” It is friggin big! Thirteen massive scoops
of ice cream! I had to get two toppings – one liquid and one solid, so I went with 16 ounces of chocolate sauce and then I got a pound of my favorite topping, cookie dough. So I’ve got a hell of a lot of calories right here,
but it’s definitely going to be worth it I’ve got my warm water to chase it down I’ve got 30 minutes to do this thing.
Three people have won. The record is between 13 or 14 minutes.
Like I said I’ve got a half an hour. If I can win I get this glass as a trophy, and I get all this
ice cream and deliciousness for free so lets get it going! Alright lets get it down!
1, 2, 3! . . . alright! About four minutes in Get this thing all mixed up like a blender
so I can drink it faster Last scoop of ice cream. Very, very, good challenge! Very, very good!
Hey everybody! I’d like to thank you for watching me dominate
the “Train Wreck ” 13 scoop ice cream challenge! For winning, I get to take this awesome bowl home.
Hopefully they clean it for me (which I think they will). I forgot, I also get $25 in Whistle Stop Frozen Custard gift certificates so I’ve got my $25 bucks,
I got the whole dessert free, and get to take it home,
I get to be on their wall of fame, got the record,
very good day!