got cut oh man for real this 64 and breezy out here it’s that sweatshirt up top source on the bottom some of them Nike dri-fit socks keep your feet warm it’s kind of the perfect weather to hold the city down man can’t wait to some bitches in sweatpants on that what’s up y’all today I’m fresh off the boat I’m gonna take you to the mission for three my favorite burritos and hop over to David City get a fresh cut it needs a Filipino food which while I find delicious it’s still looking for his Captain Kirk to translate it to the American palate can a brother get some tortillas yo so daily city this Pinoy town ha Jules yes sir they like to call this place a little Manila man yeah why did that have is it like there’s mad hospitals here I saw the jollibee over then oh there you go yo y’all got to be here mm-hmm I feel like Filipino food just gets disrespect like not enough people talk about it why do you think that is I think just wait it looks it’s not really appetizing yet by the sight it looks like already chewed up food if people get the misconception that it probably tastes nasty I feel like a lot of its packaging because like Americans will bring people to like a sushi lunch business lunch I doubt many people are like yo let’s go get this seasick Power Lunch yeah yeah that alright barrilito burrito tom you the things that really drive you crazy are new ones in Chinese we call this Shen way where it’s like it’s a flavor that’s not too heavy not too light just there and it’s just enough that you want more and you’re not satisfied and you keep coming back that is like the goal of every chef cooking something is that he wants to make you a dish you never want to stop eating that’s what this burrito is where my burrito man Thank You Diddy got the umbrella carrier I got the burrito carrier son musta got spliff star carry his weed I got someone carrying my burritos kid all right jeez are you even going back to like being a barber and Filipino barbers and Filipino barbershops in general in recent times I feel like we were able to build a foundation of like of acceptance of being a Filipino barber and being in a Filipino owned and ran barber shop before you know people used to be like I’m at Filipinos could get down with ya we’re phasing lineups I’ll think something and just over time we were able to prove ourselves tell us I’m just go anywhere here Casa nice Nettie well you do more with that duck tail oh yeah just go duck town now just what’s your up right now no yeah whooping ha ha ha oh yeah yeah how did that start though the film on niggers in San Francisco yeah they uh it was like film I was like the Harlem of the West it was our zone like the fashionable they got all the bitches that are in that neighborhood his chances go so they started wearing the tails it was either the box or the share going all the way across so once they got popular everybody and Shannon Cisco started doing it so we go like Oakland Richmond Vallejo Bay by Nathan turn Cisco yeah I mean I had like a rat tail when I was a kid but that’s totally different man that’s like the black man’s medicine yeah that’s what we use this or that is the black name waterfall yo you got the strap kid and so y’all are a group yeah witty jealous cars I never heard anyone claiming to be the aiders oh that’s how you do it I’m saying cuz music don’t got too much emotion in it no more there was some emotion wale is an emotional man but what is the oh oh man yeah yeah he’s just talking about lotus flowers and oh that’s it we lotus flowers dog that that’s pushing right we lotus flowers oh that’s that log that’s a–that’s not sauce that’s also with the Doug Taylor’s phone yes you want what you want to grabbed it back in the chair she can’t handle it cuz the tongue too deep nigga y’all say you use the tail y’all taco huh Oh carne asada at taqueria all right in comparison of the other burritos this one is a little smaller it’s a little tighter and I like that there’s not rice in here I would prefer a little bit of rice rice provided a nice texture in here the flavour of the protein overpowers the avocado the tomato the beans they did everything well I just kind of wish there was some rice a little more – some tortilla but very good yeah I’ll be super real but I don’t want it like the hot sauce and walk on top I want it burrito and yes it is I don’t want the sauce on it I want it they just dying to give me this Mexican sushi with the bukkake the couch moments on table bueno kid I like these cuz it’s got the tortoise light and then the goal oh it’s like your yes I’m we kind of doing the same thing oh yeah twig was good twin ha ha ha yeah so this your spot yeah man fungus I smell it may I smell the grilled pork oh man what do they got here hi how are you good the whole bunch of stuff oh what’s that but you buddy bean what’s in the beans what vegetable and if we don’t tell Americans what’s in there they’re gonna bug you know I mean they need to know come on let’s make it sound delicious to them all right what’s this menudo pork and what else just pork I see potatoes I see carrots what’s in the sauce tomato sauce we got a sound make this sound more appetizing God you got you gotta give me more come on you’re not selling your food properly all right all right awesome man yeah man this is a Filipino feast man this you think it’s been a crazy out here recently on the Senor si si that’s the food truck they’ve done a Filipino kakatiya fusion but or instead of carne asada they’re putting si si in replacement and it’s been a hit man I’m down with people taking like Filipino food being like you know what I think people will be more receptive to it if it’s in a taco or if it’s exactly in a bow Orvis you know if that’s what has to happen for people to like actually start to experience our food that’s great but that is kind of the sad part that people won’t just eat our food as is you know I mean but then on the converse my mom and my grandparents they weren’t the most receptive to other cultures food so it’s not intrinsic to America either you know I think our generation is our job to break the barriers and get people to eat outside their comfort zone after try taqueria canceling burrito right even in this state a burrito palate fatigue IV two of these joints nice tortilla there’s a little bit of even flakiness to this tortilla because it was on the griddle I think that this carnitas can’t be topped this one of the best carnitas I ever had I like Farolito the best but all three of them had something different you know taqueria had a very nice size very easy it wasn’t unwieldy this one I think might have the best protein it’s tender and delicious very moist packs a punch but overall as a package I think El Farolito just enough man it’s that it’s a very balanced hand that they’re cooking with over there to me that’s hands-down numero uno all right just so you know you got a lot of spots on the kid I know I can’t even see it yeah you know what’s funny in New York weed on like something in a mini-mall weed weed on kinda like being next to the karaoke Depot or you know the laundromat a Nintendo I mean this this doesn’t look like some ill Cuddy og culture it’s not something that New Yorkers would bug over blood you start to realize like there’s some real here and it does it looks different you know like the symptoms of culture that you should be up on are different in cali than they are in New York so it’s fun to kind of discover the new language where I can’t just roll by a mini-mart and assume it’s gonna suck you know but San Francisco I gotta say man like it’s got a lot of the things that I love about the city there’s a lot of you know nice culture there’s a lot of alternative things going on but they know how to relax out here it’s definitely something that I need to learn how to do so we fresh off the boat we out you you you