It’s a pitmaster’s point of pride — that
beautiful deep rustic red outer layer of the meat that is so tantalizing it’s considered
a badge of honor… the pit masters Smoke ring. In this case red meat does not mean
rare or undercooked it means roasted low and slow and smoked to perfection. So how you
really get a good smoke ring? I’m bill west with bbqtricks with a few quick tricks to
perfect your pitmaster’s barbecue smoke ring – win friends l, influence people and delight
cookout guests. – first A beautiful smoke ring is actually
formed as a chemical reaction its nitrogen and chemicals in wood smoke reacting with
the surface of the meat. I’m not convinced the actual creation of a ring tastes any different…
But it’s pretty coveted and loos great so Here’s how to make sure you get it… First ring likes lower temps…start extra
low and slow…. When your meat tops 145 degrees bark forms and smoke ring formation that chemical
reaction ends so if u want the ring ramp up slower… After that you can throw it in the
oven for all that matters. Second the ring likes wet- Keep it moist with
waterpan or baste or sop with a mop sauce for first half of cook or again until about
145. Trim fat as smokering will not form or penetrate
fat if too thick (surprise on the bridled here it did) Next trick is to Use wood Fire – even more
so than just smoke- actual fire really helps the chemical reaction in the smoke & meat
— that’s why this grill here is so spectacular for forming a great smoke ring this is a Traeger
pellet cooker brand-new and I am loving it it actually uses these wood pellets and that
is real wood in the fire up in little fire pot underneath the cooker to allow you to
cook and a super perfect inconsistent low temperature to ramp up and really give you
a good fire source… It is real wood – I’m using the hickory pellets and the flavor you
get from the smoke is deep and spectacular… And I really think that’s why so many of them
high and competitive barbecue pit masters use traders is because you can get a super
consistent low temperature and you really get great flavor and it makes it easy and
in a lot of the competition rules you have to cook with wood and these triggers pass
that test because it’s really cooking with wood thankfully you get the assistant an electric
fan controlling your temperature so you can sleep at night too… A link to more permission
on the trigger it’s incredible grill and incredible smoker too… I said earlier you don’t necessarily
taste the smoke ring with this group. Definitely taste the smoke but there are ways to kind
of cheat the ring without a lot of smoke… This is Morton’s Tenderquick – it’s a curing
salt with nitrites and nitrates that you can use before cooking (in a rub – a little goes
a long way – or that you can rinse off before cooking.) The whole foodies probably wont
like it but it forces the chemical reaction on the surface of the meat. It’s our secret
ingredient for getting a smoke ring. … So you can use a tender quick there’s
a thing called fab that is also out there and you can even take a more natural route
by using celery celery salt celery juice and celery seed in your rubs and that has more
naturally occurring nitrates… I actually only coded part of this tenderloin to test
how effective the tender quick he is and it’s surprising that we even were even with only
part of the tenderloin covered we still got a pretty consistent smoke rain although you
see the difference here at the early part to cook Just a few tricks will showcase the ring….
My precious… If u have tricks share in comments and send along a bbbq plate pic hashtag grateplate
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