– [Orange] Good morrow, young fruits! I, Orange of Great
Annoyance, hath not seen thee in half a fortnight! – [Pear] Sorry dude, we’re
talking about the cool Fortnite. – [Orange] Aw, you mean I dusted off my old English for nary a reason? (Orange laughs) – [Pear] You dusted off
something, that’s for sure. – [Orange] Hey! No need to wig out. (Orange laughs) – [Pear] Welcome to this week’s
episode of How 2, everyone. You asked for it, so this
week, we’re showing you how to dominate in
Fortnite’s Battle Royale. – [Orange] Yeah, yeah that’s easy. Don’t die. (Orange laughs) – [Pear] Easier said than done, dude. Alright, step one: Lay low. – [Orange] Like this? – [Pear] Not exactly what
I mean but close enough. Battle royales are all about surviving, so that means being patient, being quiet and not blowing things up. Basically, Orange’s worst nightmare. – [Orange] Well, second-worst. – [Pear] Ah, yes, the hippos. (record scratches) – [Orange] Where? Where? – [Pear] Under there. – [Orange] Under where? (Pear laughs) – [Pear] Yeah, I finally
made you say underwear. – [Orange] A joke? Is this a joke to you? (Orange screams) – [Pear] Okay, step two:
Seek out good supplies. Weapons, minerals, – [Orange] Banana peels, – [Pear] Health packs, – [Orange] More banana peels, – [Pear] Orange! – [Orange] What? How’d
I slip up this time? (Orange laughs) – [Pear] Banana peels won’t
do you any good in this game. But strategy sure will. That’s why step three is to have a plan. – [Orange] Wanna hear my plan? – [Pear] Lemme guess,
you’re gonna get that guy to fall off that cliff, – [Orange] Yep! – [Pear] By making him
slip on that banana peel. – [Orange] Oh, wow! I didn’t even notice
that banana peel there. Thanks for the idea, Pear. I like it a whole bunch. (Orange laughs) – [Pear] What are you talking about? If you weren’t gonna get
him to fall off that cliff using the banana peel, what’s the banana peel even doing there? – [Orange] It’s a decoy
for my actual plan, duh. – [Pear] And what’s your actual plan? Blow him up with TNT? You’re not gonna find any
TNT in Fortnite, dude. – [Orange] But what about loot? – [Pear] Yeah, you’re not going to find any TNT in the loot, dude. It’s not in Fortnite. – [Orange] Nah, nah, nah, lute. I’m gonna play the lute until he jumps off the cliff by choice. (strings plucking) ♪La La La La La ♪ (Man screams) – [Pear] Oh, great, you gave
away our position, dude. – [Orange] Uh oh, time to banana split. (Orange laughs) (Silly orchestral music)