– You go ahead. – Okay. He doesn’t care about my personal space. – And her personal space
is the entire kitchen. – Right. (upbeat music) – I can help you. – Yes! – [Jo] This is exciting? (upbeat music) – That is so cool. – And so are you. – The kitchen is where
everything happens in our house. – It’s like Grand Central. – Yeah. – There’s people coming and
going through the kitchen all the time. – The way it inevitably works
is where I need to be he is. If I’m trying to make like cinnamon buns, GTFO like get out of my way. It’s not just about how the
kitchen functions right now, it’s about how we’ll need it
to function going forward. We have three children. – Just the needs of the kitchen I think are going to continue to change. – My name is Jean Stoffer. I’m an interior designer. When Jo called and asked if
I would design her kitchen, I was excited. – Welcome. – Okay. – [Jo] Oven era wouldn’t you say? – [Jean] Yeah. – The previous owner of this
home really cared about it. She also was sort of the
quintessential House Beautiful reader in that she loved her kitchen and she really dedicated
time to like renovating it. These are beautiful wood cabinets, but the function maybe not. [Jo] I feel like there is
generally a place for everything, but they’re not like well suited. Like we have a lot of small appliances. As you can see lovely dish washer, but then honestly too when
we’re opening it you know here. If you’re here doing this
there are pots like over here. – Right. You tend to put things away. – [Jo] It’s difficult. This is our pantry, where three kids of three varying ages, like to just dive in. – Okay. – So please be aware of like
what you’re about to see. – [Jean] Okay. – [Jo] Like clearly the
Rice Krispies should not be on their side stacked on top of a bunch of seltzer bottles. It’s so embarrassing. – I can help you. – Yes! – I can help you. – Praise be. – [Jo] What’s really great is that we have all of this extra space. This does feel like a space
that is made to be a kitchen. – We need to get rid of this. – Can I do it this weekend? (laughing) – You’re not allowed
to do it this weekend. (upbeat music) – [Jean] Over the years I’ve
developed a questionnaire that goes through all of
the different categories that you use a kitchen for. And I’ve discovered that if
I get really solid answers to these questions then
I can design exactly what you need pretty
close on the first pass. Think about how you want
your kitchen to feel. – I’d like it to feel welcoming and warm. I’d like it to feel organized. I’d like it to feel clean and open. – You used all the words. – Did I use all of them? – There are no more words on there. – We’d like to have the
house feel comfortable. We don’t want people to
be afraid to come in. – And are you right or left handed? – I’m left handed. But I do a lot of things with my right. We don’t have the same I
would say the same priorities, but I think that together
they make the right space. Like I kinda don’t care
where our dishes go. – Are you set up in your
mind where you have to go to one side or the other
for your dishwasher? Or are you open? – I’m totally open. I go where it tells me to
go if I’m allowed to go– – Yeah, she doesn’t really
go to the dishwasher. (laughing) – You’re the yin to my yang for sure. – Awww. – For your main sink location, would you like one basin or two? – This is a fascinating question. – I think it would be helpful to have a second sink location. – I have a Diet Coke addiction. Like a real problem. – What do you use your microwave for? – Everything. – We got such a good deal. It’s only nine dollars. I have a Vitamix. I don’t use it as often as I should. We had to buy each of our boys their own separate box of
frozen breakfast taquitos. I like having containers for those things. And a solid range hood. Like a hood that’s like drawing odors out. They were getting mad
at each other for eating all the taquitos. – Talk to me about what
your hopes and dreams are? The most important thing to
tell your kitchen designer– What is your budget for this project? I mean like it’s crucial. (laughing) – I would say a 100,000
dollars for the kitchen. I mean I’m under the impression after watching a lot of TV, that you can get a kitchen
renovated for $25,000 and in four weeks. – Which is– (laughing) – Not possible. – I would love to get more info from you of just like where you
see that sort of molding as you start bringing things together. – That was helpful. – It’s a lot. – It was a lot. It is a lot. A kitchen is a lot. – Yeah. – But you gave me what I need. (upbeat music) – I’m really nervous. – Why are you nervous? Be excited. – I’m just like you try
be as clear as possible about your vision. You try to explain your needs. You try to explain your aesthetic. And you don’t know how
that will get interpreted. – It’s a good thing I don’t
have any of those things. – I know. – I’m very open. – This is her store on the left. – Oh wow. – Oh my gosh. Look how adorable this place is. Hi. – Hello. Good to see you. How was your flight? – It was good. [Jo] Look at this place. Oh my gosh it’s so beautiful. – [Jean] Are you ready? – [Jo] I’m ready. – Okay, let’s do it. – Okay, let’s do it. – [Jean] Prepping for
today’s reveal involved working on the design. I first worked on the
layout for quite a while and then once I got the
layout the way I wanted it I started drawing each wall
elevation and filling it in and imagining how they would
use the space as I went. Then as a team we put
together all the finishes and all the colors and all the materials and the light fixtures
and kind of filled it out. What I am proposing, taking out this wall. Moving this wall so that
the current exterior wall continues flush. And changing the sliding doors leading out to that little walk way into windows. The more I worked with
the space I realized I need more space for
the things that you need in your kitchen. – Yeah. – And the way I’ve
organized the kitchen is, this is kind of your baking area. – [Jo] Right. – [Jean] Where all your
equipment would be here. – I actually was totally
surprised by the way that she contained the baking area. And I didn’t really think
about how enchanting that might be with my daughter. For us to have sort of a
special spot that’s just ours. – [Jean] A refrigerator here. The freezer all the way over here. – [Jo] Interesting. – [Jean] I moved over the alcove here. So we’ve got our cooking
kind of quarantined or corralled is a better word. – Yep. – I have one oven here
and second over here. And then I have the microwave here. This whole thing is unbroken countertop. – [Jo] Got it. I feel already overwhelmed and excited. – So now I’m gonna start
walking you around the room wall by wall. – [Jo] Whoa! – [Jean] Here is what we’re talking about. – [Jo] So this is looking out through the sliding glass door right now? – [Jean] Out to the backyard, yep. I thought we’d put some
really pretty light fixtures above each window. – [Jo] Yeah. – Here’s your under counter oven. Another drawer below it. And then all of this is counter. All right I’m going to move this over here so you can keep it. – [Jo] Oh my gosh. – [Jean] Isn’t this great? – It’s so crazy. – [Jean] What we have
here a marble backsplash. We could use some slab material
with a little slab ledge and this is just for pretty things. – Yes. – And here’s the countertop microwave. And thankfully the all hinge left. – I’m honestly trying to
scan through my kitchen of like what do I keep there? What do I do with that? What do I have space for? And it’s like you found a
place for literally everything. – So this is just a ton of storage. And this is all pantry
with roll out shelves. Full depth. – [Jo] Okay. – [Jean] And then your island, here we’re kind of seeing
how it lays in the room. Your seating will be around. If you want to you can put
all five of you at the island. – It’s beautiful Jean. Thank you so much. – Aww, you are so welcome. – It’s so right. – You know what? This is almost my layout. – Really? – In my own kitchen. – Oh wow. – I really love it. – It feels like you have
tons of counter space. (upbeat music) – If you guys have time I
think you should come over to my house and just see
the way things are laid out. It might help visualize. (upbeat music) – [Jean] So I wanna show
you what your kitchen would feel like as far as flow. ‘Cause this is a very
similar layout to what we’ve been talking about. – Totally. [Jo] It feels really nice. The thing that I was concerned
about with the drawing was that things felt far
away from each other, but not at all. – No, no. Yours is a little wider than this so you’re gonna have a little
bit more room this way, but that’s kind of
important because you also have a wall. [Jean] We love adding range alcoves. Aesthetically I just think it’s beautiful. But it also contains all
the messy cooking things in an area. And a range alcove gives these sidewalls spots for niches and we can
make them look so pretty and they’re functional at the same time. – Thank you so much for having us. – Oh you are so welcome. – This has been amazing. And truly like being here in this space has been like game changing. – Good. – It really feels so different. – Thanks so much. – There’s still a few things
that I’m like slightly hesitant about. – Me. – This whole thing is so stressful. And I’m so happy it’s over. I love Jean and I’m so
excited about the design, but I am so glad this part is done. Like so glad. – Yes. (laughing) – The idea that design
is like a conversation and that what you see at the beginning is a work in progress. I mean I suspect that
even the step we saw today and even the stuff we changed today is gonna continue to change. High five you did it! – Hey! – You did it. – Did it wrong but I did it. – Now all we have to
do is build a kitchen. Does anyone have any money? – [Jean] My most important
focus is the cabinetry. (upbeat music) – We’re really maximizing the space. [Jo] I like continuity
with a sense of surprise. And our house is dramatically gorgeous. – Can I get a stand in husband? – Yeah, seriously. (upbeat music)