Hi there, my name is Kenneth van de Wiele. I’m the Trek Service Course Manager. We’re at the training camp in Sicily, and today we’re going to talk about bar tape. When you open your box of Bontrager bar tape, you will find two rolls of tape, one short strip of adhesive tape, two finishing strips, and two bar end plugs. For tools, you will need a pair of scissors and some electrical tape. Depending on what type of shifters you use, you can use adhesive tape by cutting it in half and placing it on the left and the right sides of the shifter. In this case, we will use Shimano shifters. I will show you a different trick so you don’t need the strips. To start wrapping your tape, leave about one-third of the handlebar tape over the edge of the handlebar. Then, just start wrapping. Start from the outside and wrap towards the inside of the bar so the rider pulls the bar tape tighter while riding. Keep some tension on the handlebar tape. Not too much or else you will rip it apart, but just enough so the tension is about right. Keep wrapping it until you’re just underneath the STI or the shifter. Here you have two options. You use the small piece that was in the box, or you can loop the tape around the shifter. I prefer to loop it around because it’s nice and clean. So you come from the inside, you go underneath the shifter, go over it, go under it again, and come up on the other side. Then just continue wrapping the handlebar tape. Like I said, it’s important to keep that tension on the handlebar tape. When you arrive at the stem, take your scissors, and cut your handlebar tape at an angle that it is parallel to the stem. Cut the pointy tip away, making sure you create a nice straight line parallel to the stem. Now take your electrical tape and secure the handlebar tape in place. To finish it off, use the bar end plug to push the bar tape to the inside of bar, and then put the plug in place. Put the rubber from the hoods back in place. Once you have wrapped one side, you can repeat the process on the other side. That’s how you wrap a handlebar; thanks for watching. That’s a wrap.