Hey everybody, This is Randy Santel, “Atlas”
with FoodChallenges.com. We’re here today to show you guys how to win an ice cream challenge.
We are in Ferguson, Missouri (of St. Louis) at Whistle Stop Depot, taking on their “Train
Wreck Challenge.” It’s a 13 scoop ice cream sundae of frozen yogurt. I had my options
and we’ll talk about those in a minute. Along with the 13 scoops of ice cream, you’ve got
to take down one pound (16 ounces) of sauce, and then 16 more ounces of an actual topping.
For my options I chose what I thought would have the least sugar and the easiest to go
down for sauces, so I went with hot fudge. I’ve done Hershey’s chocolate before in a
previous challenge – way too much sugar! As for the topping, I went with strawberry. I
went with a fruit because that’s going to sit a lot nicer in my stomach than cookie
dough, brownies, etc. Also I went with 10 scoops of vanilla frozen custard, and then
3 scoops of chocolate. Now with ice cream challenges, it depends on the restaurant you’re
going to. Some restaurants say “Here are 16 scoops of ice cream. You have to eat one of
each that we have.” Others, you might get to pick. If you have your pick, you don’t
want to vary too much. I’ve got chocolate and vanilla. You don’t want to vary a whole
lot and get rich flavors like brownie batter, or anything like that. Those flavors are going
to be sitting in your stomach mixing around, and you are liable to get sick. Now to help me digest all of this lactose
and ice cream, I take digestive enzymes, and you may want to too if your stomach isn’t
able to handle all of it. The main thing to remember for ice cream challenges are don’t
vary too much (if you have options). Stick with the lightest toppings with the least
sugar that you can eat a lot of, which is why I went with strawberries and hot fudge.
Also to restrict brain freeze we’ve got warm water, so that’s what I’m going to be drinking
with this massive sundae. Time limit – I’ve got to shut up and eat. I’ve only got 30 minutes
to finish this. Alright, just did my ritual. I’ve already
thought about win before you begin. My stomach is ready and I know I can fit all of this
in it. I’ve strategized, which I’m going to show you while I’m eating “how to win an ice
cream challenge” and what are we going to do. . . we’re going to dominate! Got my warm
water and I already took my enzymes. I also have my big spoon ready to take down this
ice cream by being able to fit as much in my mouth as I can. One, two, three! Pretty
much you just have to take it from the top. All my chocolate sauce and ice cream are starting
to melt. Lets get the top off first. If you got a challenge where your required
to eat brownies or cookies with it, you want to save those for later on because they’re
going to help you with flavor. If you’re eating a bunch of ice cream you’re going to want
to have something later on that’s more firm to help your palette. I’m using the warm water
to keep my mouth from getting cold. Because it’s frozen custard, it’s already melting.
You know an Ice cream is really fatty if it’s not melting very fast. With this being custard
it’s already melting, making it easier to go down. As you can see here, a lot of the flavors
and ice cream is melting, making it easier to eat. I’m trying to get a lot of that down.
Eventually I’m going to drink it, but I’m getting it all down with my big spoon while
the rest is melting. It’s going down pretty easy. We still have a lot of time left. Now that we’re getting towards the end, I’m
mashing it up into a soup-like consistency so we can get it down faster. One thing to note: you only seen me drinking
warm water. It’s up to you, but another option you could go with and some people prefer black
coffee to warm up your mouth with all of this intense coldness. Lets get the rest down.
We’re still less than 12 minutes in. We’re going to leave no doubt. Get the last
bit. 12:43 – the official time. Great ice cream challenge. Now when you’re doing your
ice cream challenge, remember all the main topics. Take your digestive enzymes beforehand,
make sure your stomach is ready, stick with simple toppings, I went with fruits. Stick
with simple flavors with the ice cream, and chase it with warm water or black coffee.