Hi, I’m Jillian Dempsey and we’re here with a gold vibrator. I can’t! I’m here to introduce my Jillian Dempsey gold vibrating sculpting bar. You know what should be said about Jillian, not only are you like a world-class makeup artist but you’re a sculptor. Your first step is to use the oil. I like to have slip and I also like to lock in moisture. Turn your… Vibrating gold bar. That’s right. And you just start going. This tool is really handy to sculpt cheekbones, to bring down any kind of puffiness, to tone the skin. You can sculpt your jaw line. Oh my god, that feels really good, too. You can feel it—you’re getting a massage. Totally, it feels so good. Is there any wrong way to use it? I don’t believe in bringing this down because I want things to move up. And you can target areas—like if you want to target an area here. You can target an area here. How long do you do it? I like to hit like three to four minutes on each side of my face. So how do you feel? Jillian, I feel like I just left a yoga class. You look so refreshed. Or maybe like I had hot sex. Yeah, thanks! Or hot sex in a yoga class, but my face feels tingly and young. And this plus this, this plus this equals happy. Yeah! Bye, thanks for coming. You can find these on goop.com.