today I want to talk about an aspect of Japanese culture that I personally enjoy a lot but that is not yet very accessible to Western people bloggers love hotels hotels that are designed for adult couples to spend time together and to enjoy themselves independent is common to stay with one’s parents until one gets married or even after that and because walls are thin and love hotels offer privacy they are very popular the estimated market size of lava tiles in Japan is about 40 billion US dollars and they exist in almost every city so they are popular exists almost everywhere but how do you use them I will show you how right after the intro [Music] first you should know how to identify a lawful turn this is the love hotel I will go to for today’s video and the building doesn’t exactly scream love hotel so how do you identify them first of all if you ever see a building that looks like a theme park or a disney castle it’s probably a la footer but as you have seen there are also other versions the safe way is if there is a sign saying rest and stay with different prices on the outside rest is the price for a couple of hours usually two or three and stay is the price for night these prices are only displayed outside of lava tiles so if you see a sign saying rest and stay you can be sure it’s a lava turn next if you come by car you should park it many lava tiles have their own private parking areas it’s afternoon so down many people yet because privacy is very important the hotels of a number plate covers once you have parked your car it’s time to check in a lava the second process is very smooth and discreet usually you will see the available rooms on some kind of touch screen or similar they even look at images of the different rooms and check their prices this room is six thousand seven hundred and twenty and for two hours and eight thousand four hundred yen for seven hours once elected the room store will open and you will get a piece of paper with the rooms mnemonic and other authors you might get a key instead now that you have checked in it’s time to explore your room [Music] living room area the living room has a television small table and a sofa [Music] bedroom area with another used television and of course large pet there’s also a large bathroom but we will take a look at it later as an every author of course there will be free stuff you will get bathrobes towels and slipper more towers and yukata Laser ladies amenities toothbrushes and hair brushes face soap moisturizer and hair wax bath other spa bath wareness balls and more but Japan is also a very safe country and because safety is important you will also get a couple of condoms in this case we have the red ribbon project Aloha and big honey s eyes you may also find a vending machine this one contains Coke Zero 450 and kidding beer 4 380 N and non-alcoholic beer for 230 M how do you use them you just press the green button and the price will be added to your invoice in the bedroom I found another vending machine which is more tailored towards adults it offers additional condoms lubricates and toys all you need to have fun no hotel room is complete without entertainment system and love hotels are certainly no exception you will most likely find a large TV and on this TV you can play YouTube videos video on-demand both normal and adult videos and you can even for the food and if you want to order food it’s very cumbersome to use a small remote control and that’s why there is this large one so you can type as you are used to on a personal computer privacy is king so when you do order food or even costumes you will get them through a hole in the wall and if you open this door next to the entrance you can get whatever you ordered without meeting anyone behind the bed is this panel on which you can adjust the room temperature change the music in the room and adjust the brightness and mood of the light you will probably also find Sarah ok equipment here we have this two microphones a huge remote control for selecting your songs and this gigantic book which holds thousands of songs for you to select for your car ok joy now it’s time to get down to business it’s time to get clean okay let’s take a look at the bottom with most likely find a toilet with a standard Japanese wash lift it will also find a very nice sink that is very clean spacious and offers all the free stuff we have seen before when you enter the bathroom you add the heart every laugh with has room this jacuzzi easily fits two people maybe even four as you can see that also TV in the bathroom because but you can stay without entertainment cleanliness is very important in the pencil we could be following the bobbin with into the desert hoodie you get shower so we have again shampoo conditioner ponies all in different variations and here is the down three is left and then you get at the top and then using whatever you want to do now that you and your partner clean it’s time to go to bed and rest once you are finished and are well rested it’s time to check out so in every room is this cut this members car and it’s totally anonymous and if you get it you can get five percent off at the first time and if you come again and use this car again you get 15% off it worth noting that once you get into this room the door shuts so you cannot leave and nobody can get it so before you want to leave again you have to check out inside of the room first just a machine at the exit where you can pay and then leave please be aware that some houses do not accept credit cards so it may be good for you to carry some cash and now you are done you just leave the building go back to your car and that’s it so there you go now you are equipped with everything you need to know for your next or even first visit to a Japanese la Fidele if you enjoyed this video it would be nice if you would give it a like and maybe if you haven’t already even subscribe for now thank you for watching and see you next time and now the door open again and we can [Music]