[choking noises] [music] 00:31 Speaker 1: Got a slow draining sink?
What a pain. G’day knuckleheads, Uncle Knackers’ here and welcome to Video 6 of my 10-part
series titled, “My Top 10 DIY Tips” as nominated by you. And today I’m gonna show you how to
easily unclog a bathroom or a kitchen sink in three simple steps and for zero dollars.
And that’s gotta be good. Let’s get to work. Now nine times out of 10 the reason why this
sink may be slow draining, or indeed totally blocked is that the pipe work that runs down
here and through this trap may be totally blocked with all sorts of things. So, the
first step we need to do is to remove this trap. Now before we do that it’s always a
good idea to have a pan or a bucket beneath it because it will house water. Now the first
step in removing this trap is that we have to loosen these collars, and once you loosen
those collars the trap will fall down. So you can do it by hand, sometimes not always,
if you can’t do it by hand you might need some of these multi-grips, these multi-pliers,
they’re pretty good. Anyhow, you loosen these off like this, all the way, there we go, and
this one here loosen him off, like that. And now get ready for the putridness. Oh, here
we go… 02:08 S1: Step number two, you’ve removed
the trap now it’s time to remove all the gunk and the funkiness and the hair from inside
the trap. Now, I’m letting you know now that I’m taking one for the team because I have
an extremely sensitive stomach when it comes to this sort of thing. And I cannot promise
you that I’ll keep it all together. But anyway, let’s give it a go. So put your fingers in,
“Oh my God! Please God… ” [choking noises] 02:48 S1: Woo! That was bad. I warned you,
I told you it was gonna happen, and I cannot believe there is still stuff in here. [banging noises] 03:08 S1: Do not ask me how that stuff got
in there, no idea. Anyway, time for the final step, step three. Let’s do it. So step three,
the final step is that all you have to do is to reinstall the trap. And so, put it in
place and by hand, do up these collars. So this one there, put this one here on, like
that. Tighten up by hand, just nice and firm. Just keep going like that and there you have
it. A cleared-out trap and a free-flowing sink. Great tip, knackers! . 04:07 S1: So there you go. How to unclog a
bathroom or kitchen sink in three easy steps and for zero dollars. How cool was that? If
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Video 7 coming up in the next week or two. So stay tuned for that one. Till then, cheers. [music]