Hi. I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant
Supply. In today’s episode, I’m going to show you how to troubleshoot
common leaks And identify the brain of your faucet. There’s three common leaks we’re going to
identify that you tend to see on a faucet. One is going to be a slow drip from the end
of the spout, one is going to be a slow dribble outside
the neck of the spout and wall mount and the third one is going to be a slow leak
and a drip coming off the stem assembly on the handle. If your faucet is leaking or dripping slowly
out of the end of the spout, then most likely it is the seat washer that
needs to be replaced, located in the bottom of the stem assembly. So, the next common leak you are going to
tend to see is at the base of the neck at your spout. Lots of times, this one is the most easiest. Unscrew your spout at the neck, wiggle it
out, and odds are this O-ring needs to be replaced
and is corroded. So, the last common leak that you will tend
to see is right from the handle of your faucet on
the stem. So, what’s happening there, again, taking
apart your stem assembly, is the washer right underneath the top of
the cap is what’s corroded and needs replacement. So, here we’re going to help you identify
which brand of handle or faucet you have just by the distinguishable characteristics
of the handles themselves. First here, we have a Fisher handle. You can tell by this shape of the handle in
comparison to the rest. The next handle we have here is by T&S Brass
and Equipment. The good way to identify T&S handles is specifically
by this bulge next to the stem. Also you can see in the stem assembly, T&S Brass is engraved on the stem canister. This is the seat washer valve that we’re speaking
of that often contributes to the leak of your
spout. Be sure the spring is also intact. So, next we have an Encore handle, also made
by CHG, Component Hardware Group. A good way to tell this is on the stem, you can see it engraved CHG or on top of this
we can tell that it reads Encore. Also keep in mind on Encore handles, ever
so faint, you can see Saniguard. Keep in mind this is the canister with that
seat valve washer we were speaking of that often contributes to the leaky spout. You can also tell on the canister a CHG engraving
as well. For Chicago Faucets , look for the bull nose
shape of the handle all around. You can also notice the brand name Chicago
is engraved on the barrel of the stem assembly itself. Here’s that seat valve washer that we were
speaking of for common spout leaks. So, last we have Krowne. It can also be identified by it’s unique handle
shape and also the name of the brand is engraved
underneath the handle. And that’s how you troubleshoot common leaks
to your faucets. I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply. Join us again next time.