What’s going on Nation? I’m gonna demonstrate for you guys how to do a t-bar row now some gyms Don’t have a t-row machine our gym doesn’t so I had to make shift my own So you guys can do the same exact thing now to make your own t-bar row all you need is a squat rack okay? If you don’t have a squat rack just you can use a wall It’s a little harder to anchor the bar so what you’re gonna do is hook the bar off the squat rack Then I put a couple plates behind, so I can level the 45 and put the bar in the corner right here And lay the plate on top just to kind of anchor the back now when I do this with the bar I like to use 35 pound plates because if I use a 45-pound plate it’s gonna Hit me in the chest before I can get you know the full Benefit of the exercise and bring the bar all the way up to my belly button okay So make sure you can do it for the full contraction So next thing you’re gonna need is just a simple handle like this Every gym has them usually doing it for low rows on the cable machine what we’re gonna Do is put it on the bar like this and complete our t-bar row Now what you want to do is make sure you stand with the kind of a wide stance with your feet And you want to keep your chest as parallel to the ground as possible While maintaining a neutral spine and keep your core nice and tight too. Okay, and arch your back Breathe out on the way up Pull as tight as you can come down nice and slow keep your core tight breathe out the way up Okay, I don’t want to see this make sure you bend over get as parallel as you can bring the bar up Breathe out come down one more breathe all the way up keep it core tight Just like that that’s how you do a t-bar row hope you guys enjoy this demonstration video and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys