This video will demonstrate how to strip
and wax your floor. Your first step is to gather all your
equipment You can download the list titled for
stripping and waxing materialist and all these procedures at First move all the furniture and
obstructions. Run a dust mop over the floor to remove the loose debris. Tape off any doorways or carpeted areas. Put out wet floor signs Now put on your gloves and googles, and put water in the stripper bucket, and add the stripper. Take some base board stripper and spray it
onto the baseboards. This gets the built up wax and dirt
off the baseboard. Give it a few minutes to dwell. Use a swivel utility pad to remove the built-up wax and dirt on the baseboard. Use a rinse mop
to remove the remaining build-up and you’re done with the baseboards. Now
let’s add the floor stripper to the floor. Simply pull the saturated mop out of the bucket and flood the floor. After 10 to 15 minutes of dwell time go
ahead and remove the build-up wax along the baseboards by using a swivel
utility pad sometimes we call the doodlebug. You should use the swivel utility pad
around the areas you don’t want the machine to get stripper all over. You could also use a long-handled razor blade to remove wax buildup rather than the doodlebug. Now it’s time to set up the floor machine We’re going to use floor pads so take
the pad driver and put it on the floor machine. Then use the floor pad on that. You can use a black thick traditional stripping pad, a 3m high productivity pad. Today we’re going to be using the Prolink maroon dominator stripping pad. Double
scrub the floor with the floor machine being sure to keep the machine in front
of you because the floor gets very slick. If you’re not careful you’re going down. Now that you scrubbed up the floor finish it’s time to pull it up with the wet vac You can use an automatic scrubber, or just a regular mop for small areas.
For this floor were using a wet vacuum. Make sure the floor is dry and then add
the floor finish to the bucket. Take a can liner and put it inside the bucket. This keeps the floor finish from getting contaminated, and it also makes clean up a lot easier. Ok the floor finish is in the bucket. Now we can lay the finish by either
using a flat mop system or a mono filament mop. The traditional blue-and-white candy striped floor finish mop I personally like the old-school method the screw in top rayon mop. I like these because they rotate. We saturate the mop full of wax
and put in the wringer. Don’t wring it, just
give it a little tap. Now pull it out and you’re ready to go. We start off by doing an outline of the
area you intend to finish. Finish your outline and reload your mop with wax and then you fill in the center with the
figure eight motion. After about 30 minutes, depending on the humidity you’re ready for the next coat. To help dry time you could have a fan in
the room to move the air but do not point it on the floor. It’s
best to wait around 10 minutes after the finish has been down to start the
fan. We suggest putting no more than four sometimes five coats a finished down per day