What’s going on Nation? I’m gonna demonstrate for you how to do a standing straight bar military press now this exercise is really going to focus on the anterior and medial deltoid before I get started I want to go over a couple quick things with you guys, when you do this exercise you want to make sure you’re keeping your wrist above your elbow and that means two different things the first things it means is you’re not going to be holding the bar like this you’re going to be holding it like that, okay? And the second thing it means is your wrist, your elbows don’t have to be back here it’s going to be right here. So keep your wrist over your elbow maintain a 90 degree angle Now when you grab the bar, before I get started too, if you had any type of shoulder injury consult a physician or get your shoulders checked up before you do any type of military press because you can hurt the area. If you’re ready to go let’s get started, so then grab the bar, okay you can have someone help you and spot you and the way you want to get the bar up you can do it a couple different ways Okay you can even pick it up off a rack if you have a squat rack you want to pick it up off the rack right here that’s fine, too. What you’re going to do is get your wrist above your elbows, okay? Don’t let your shoulders come forward like this, keep them back nice and tight keep your core nice and tight keep your feet about shoulder length apart, keep your heels down as you do the exercise sit up your heels and what you’re going to do is push straight up and when you get to the top you don’t want to stop right here. You want to go for the total mobility, okay? You want to get the full range of motion so press all the way up at the top if you just stop here it’s going to, overtime can get the muscle tight and you won’t have your full range of motion. So go all the way to the top like this come back down and you’re going to stop about Collarbone to chin level okay? Keeping your elbows under your wrists, push straight up all the way to the top come back down, breathe out on the way up just like this full range of motion all the way up one more, full range of motion and that’s how you do a standing straight bar military press. Hope you guys enjoyed this demonstration video and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys