What’s going on nation? I’m Going to demonstrate for you Guys how to do a Standing Overhead Tricep Extension With an Ez curl Bar Now this is a really good Exercise used by a lot of Bodybuilders its Isolation Exercise for your Triceps and what I like Most about it is going to target all three heads of your Triceps so now Let’s Move on to the Demonstration Bend Over and Grab the ez curl bar With an Inside Grip and your Palms Facing your Body Stand With your feet about Shoulder Width Apart and then bring the bar Up and over your head Once The Bar is over your head You’re Going to Keep your core tight and Squeeze your glutes To Help Stabilize your Body Throughout the Exercise As you Begin to lower the bar Behind your head Make sure your Elbows Stay as Close as They Can to your head Once you, lower The bar as far as you Can return back to the starting Position Squeezing Through your Triceps for a hard one to two second Contraction Some Quick Tips to Help you with This Exercise, are that you Don’t want your elbows to be too wide when Going Up and Down and also You want to Make sure that you’re not Going too Deep when you’re using very Heavy weight as it might put A lot of Stress on your Elbow Ligaments It’s also a great Idea to test your range of Motion with a lighter weight before you start This Exercise and to Also use lighter weight to do a warm-Up set before Performing the Exercise as well So There you guys have it that’s how you do a standing Overhead Tricep Extension with ez curl bar for more great Tips Exercises and Routines Feel free to Join Us on Scotthermanfitness.com and as Always More Good Stuff Coming Soon. See you Guys