The Vulcan VRH cook and hold oven is really for a lot of people the ultimate solution in a cook and hold oven. It brings them a very durable rugged construction of an oven — with the ability to have natural browning, you get a beautiful product and it’s so easy to use. This cook and hold oven makes my job a whole lot easier. I can put prime ribs and roast beef and turkeys in at night — close the doors, lock up, and you come back the next morning and everything is done — you’re not spending any money on labor. And you’re saving money on electricity. It’s a great piece of equipment. Like every Vulcan product, Vulcan VRH cook and hold ovens are really built take the abuse and the use that they get in a commercial application — whether you’re operating a school, restaurant, kitchen, college, university, hospital, assisted living — there are so many places this oven can be used and because it’s a Vulcan product it’s really built to be in those kind of operations. The VRH cook and hold ovens are available in two different sizes — a lot of flexibility because you can buy a BRH8 — which gives you the ability to cook up to 120 pounds of meat and yet if your operation should change at some point and you need more capacity — it’s stackable and you can buy a second unit and stack on top of that first unit. You want to get the best value that you can and you want to pass it on to your customers too. With this — it cooks very slow. It caramelizes the meat. It looks great on the plate – great, dependable oven. This new VRH cook and hold oven really brings the ability to do things you could never do before in terms of ease of operation and beautiful finished product. Just like the food, these Vulcan ovens really are done to perfection.