Hi, my name is Peter. I’m going to be demonstrating
today how easy it is to set up one of our Prima Supply stainless steel tables. I’m going to be demonstrating with a 24 by
48 inch table. This is the box that it will come in. It will have some white straps that
you will just cut off with some scissors. Once you have that box open, you will find
inside it an 18 gauge galvanized steel under shelf, an 18 gauge type 430 stainless steel
top, and let me show you the bottom here. On the bottom of the top, you’ll see two hat
channels that run the length of the table. What they do is help to give some added support
and in between the hat channel and the top there is some sound deadening tape that helps
to reduce any noise that might come from using the table. You’ll also find a bag with a hex key and
some extra screws, and four 16 gauge galvanized steel legs. They’re a little bit thicker to
give some added support. On the bottom of those legs you’ll find adjustable, plastic
bullet feet, that way you can make sure that your table is level when you set it up. Alright, what you want to do to begin the
installation is insert the legs into the gussets. Now, you’ll notice on each gusset there is
a screw protruding from the side. You want to make sure that screw is not going into
the opening of the gusset so you can slide the leg in easily. Now once you’ve got all four legs inserted
into the gussets, you will take your hex key and just tighten these screws on the side
of the gussets down on the leg until they are firmly in place. [Music] Now after you have all of the legs in place,
the best idea is to ask a friend to help you with this under shelf. You’ll need to have
it completely level in order to slide it down over the legs. So I’ve asked Daniel Crowther,
our warehouse manager, to help me with this. We’re just going to slide it down to our desired
height and once we’ve got it there, hold it in place and take your hex key and you will
find on the underside of the shelf screws inserted to holes that will tighten down on
the leg. So get those nice and tight. [Music] There it is, takes a couple of minutes. So I’ve demonstrated how easy it is to set
up one of these tables, but some of you might be asking, “Can it hold any weight?” Well, to demonstrate the structural integrity
of this table, I’ve asked our warehouse manager Daniel Crowther to set this refrigerator on
top. [Forklift noise] And there you have it. Prima Supply stainless
steel tables – good for food prep and refrigerator storage. [Music]