I’m not going to name any names,
but a couple of weeks ago, I went to visit a client and they struggled
a little bit with a new menu rollout. I went out to visit them and work
with them and they struggled rolling out a
new menu, but this is something
I see a lot. So if you have ever struggled with rolling
out a new menu or changes, or if you’re about to make
some changes to your menu, stick around, I’m going to
share with you four ways to make sure
that your menu rollout goes great the next
time you do it. Hey, everybody. Ryan Gromfin here –
author, speaker, chef, restaurateur, and founder
of the Restaurantboss.com, as well as
Clickbacon.com I am so excited to talk to you about how
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but we’ll provide you with the link. So, how do we handle
a new menu rollout? Well, it’s pretty simple if you’re doing
a lot of other things well, but the first thing that
I want to share with you is this really falls on you as
the owner, manager, kitchen supervisor,
kitchen manager, chef, whatever you want to call it.
I think when we roll out new menus, we rely too heavily
on staff and they don’t know what’s going
on a lot of times with this new menu. So I got my trusty notes here,
but the first thing that want to make sure of is – I when you roll out
a new menu, you have to update
the checklist. Hopefully, you’re using checklist,
but before you roll out the new menu, it’s your responsibility to provide
your team with a new checklist, so they know what goes on
the station and what doesn’t go on the station
because things change. The second thing you got to do is
provide them with a new prep list. There’s new items to prepare,
some items we’re not preparing anymore, some items are new
that we have to prepare. I can’t tell you how many times
I’ve walked into restaurants and I’ll see something
and I’ll be like, hey, I don’t think we’re using
that product anymore, and they’re like, really? I didn’t know
that it’s still on my prep list, or no one
told me, right? I’m sure you’ve had that,
no one told me, I didn’t know”. Right? So it’s our job.
We got to update the checklist, we got to update
the prep list. You also have to
update the recipe book. I can’t tell you how
many times I’ve had cooks walk up to me when I’m
consulting and they’re like, “Hey! I think there’s some
new recipes today, but I don’t know what they are
or they’re not in the recipe book.” I hear this from owners all the time.
Like we did a new menu rollout, but the cooks are still
preparing it the old way, or they didn’t make the sauce
and last night was a disaster because we were
out of things. Well, did you update
the checklist? Did you update the prep list?
And did you update the recipe in the recipe book? And then the last thing
is the build sheets. Have you updated the build
sheets to make sure that they know what this new item
looks like and how to prepare it? And so your managers and
your staff and everyone knows when one comes
up in the window, is it correct or not correct?
Well, they can compare it to the picture. Now, I know what’s
happening here. You’re going to be asking
yourself the question – well, I don’t have checklist, or if I do,
they’re probably not using, or the staff doesn’t like them,
you don’t have prep list, you don’t have a recipe book,
and if you do, it’s probably hasn’t been updated in a while,
and you don’t have build sheets. So, you know what I’m going
to say here – get to work. Get to work because it’s about managing
the system and developing the people. It’s about managing
the system. If you’re sick and
tired of managing people in your restaurants because you don’t
have systems in place and everyone says, I want systems, I want systems. Well,
here are your first four systems. These are the most important things you
can do in your restaurant. A checklist. Make sure that everything
is on the station. A prep list, so everyone
knows what to prepare. A recipe books, so there’s no
about how things are prepared. And a build sheet, so there’s no
questions about how to turn all that product into a menu
item that goes out to the customer, so everyone’s on the same
page of what it looks like and what goes on and
all that other stuff. If you’re not sure about all this
and you need more information about it and
you want to learn more about how to implement
systems like this in your restaurant, go to a website called
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