What’s up Guys? Kevin here from SnowboardProCamp. In this video I’ve got some tips for riding the t-bar. . The t-bar can be intimidating at first, because it’s tough to prepare for and you’ve got a line of people watching you. To make sure you’re successful on your first t-bar attempt I’ll break down each step of riding the t-bar, show you the one trick that will help you prepare for it and I’ll give you a list of common mistakes that you want to avoid to stay safe. To start, skate up to the loading area. Get ready with your board pointed up hill and look for the t-bar to come. The lifty will grab the t-bar and guide it to you, either behind your front leg or if you prefer behind you back leg. Grab the t-bar firmly and place your back foot on the center of your board. Put a bit more weight on your back foot to counter the t-bar pulling you forward. As you ride the t-bar hold on firmly with both hands. Keep your back straight and your knees bent, with a bit more of your weight over your back foot. Watch the the terrain ahead of you for uneven areas or dips in the snow that can throw off your balance. Keep your back foot on the center of you board, pushed against your back binding. The steeper the hill gets the more you’ll have to lean your weight back to counter. As you reach the end get ready to slide the t-bar away from you and let go. Guide the t-bar to where it needs to go, then turn your board and skate away.
The trick to being successful on your first t-bar attempt is to prepare by practice your one footed riding. Find an area to practice that’s fairly flat and not too busy. Practice riding straight with your back foot in the center of your board and your weight balanced. This is the same position you’ll be in on the t-bar. Turn your board from left to right by applying more pressure to your toe or heel edge. Drag your toe or heel in the snow to come to a stop. You’ll be ready for the t-bar when you’re confident with these one footed skills. Check out this list of common mistakes, so you’ll know what to avoid to stay safe Remember to like, comment and subscribe if you found this video helpful. And check out the beginner snowboard playlist for more beginner videos.