Since 1995 regulators have included a safety device that restricts the gas flow in case of a gas leak. In some cases the regulator can inadvertently activate the safety device without having a gas leak. This typically happens when the tank valve is opened too quickly, or if one or more of the control knobs is in the open position when opening the tank valve, or by turning the tank off before the burners. If the safety device is activated your grill will only reach temps of 250 – 300 degrees Fahrenheit even with all burners on high. If this has happened you must re-set your regulator by following these simple steps Close the tank valve Turn all control knobs to the off position Disconnect the regulator from the tank If the grill was previously lit wait for at least 5 minutes Reconnect the regulator to the tank Slowly turn the tank valve all the way open Wait for 20-30 seconds If no leaks are detected turn the main burner on to light the grill Leave on for approximately 1 minute Turn the burner off and let sit for 20-30 seconds Turn the tank valve off To keep the regulator valve from tripping again follow these tips when you are finished grilling Turn all burner controls off Turn the tank valve off last Happy Grilling!