Hi. I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant
Supply. In today’s episode we’re going to talk about How to identify and replace your walk-in-door
hinge. The first thing to identify with your hinge Is if it’s a flush-mount or a raised-mount
hinge. This particular hinge here is a flush-mount. You can see that the wall is at the same surface
as the door. This particular hinge is a raised-mount. You can notice that the door’s going to be
at a slightly higher level Than the wall itself by a couple inches. The next thing to identify is the brand And part number of the hinge. This is always located on the back of the
hinge Once you remove it from the door. You can notice that it’s actually embossed
and stamped into the hinge. There’s a possibility that your replacement
hinge Will be set to swing the opposite way than
you actually need. However, that’s no problem here. The next thing to do is learn how to switch
the hinge From a left-swing to a right-swing. First you want to take out the hinge. Next you want to pull out the lubed plastic
nut; Keep in mind that the slanted bevel Points and slopes towards the inside of the
hinge. Once you pull that out; From there pop out the white cap with a screwdriver And replace it on the other end in which you
removed it from. Next replace the beveled nut back in the same
way which it came out, Remembering to keep the slant sloping toward
the inside of the hinge. Once you put the hinge back together it should
swing the opposite way. Problem solved. That’s how you replace your walk-in door hinge.