Do you ever notice that your ice might be
a little off? Might smell funny, taste funny, or just downright looks a little cloudy? Odds
are that your ice machine filter needs to be replaced. The important part of a water filter is that
it’s going to filter out the harmful contaminants in the water, such as bacteria and hard minerals.
The downfall is that these hard minerals over time can build up on the inside of your ice
machine and create worse problems for you. So your expensive piece of equipment can turn
into an expensive service call. Or worse yet, another expensive piece of equipment. So here’s
how you correctly replace your water filter. So to talk about commercial water filters,
we have our in-house, NATE certified service technician, Paul LeCompte. Paul? Thanks, Chris. So today we’re going to talk about how easy
it is to identify, order and replace your filter. Here I have the 3M Cuno filter. So
go up to your filter, you might find this located on the back of your ice machine, you
might find it on the wall behind of your piece of equipment. First thing you need to do is look at the
filter. Here we have the HF20-S. So that’s all you need to know, give us a call, and
order up your filter. We’ll deliver it in a few business days and then you can install
it. Alright so changing your filter is really
easy. You do not need to call a service company to do this. First thing you need to do is turn off your
piece of equipment that your water filter is supplying. Next, you come over and shut
off the water supply to the filter. Once you’ve done that now, there’s no more pressure left
in the filter. 3M makes this super easy. All you need to
do is hold the head of your filter, grab the filter itself and give it a quarter turn to
the left. It’ll come right out. You might get a little bit of water dripping out, but
there’s a check valve in there so all the water won’t come flying out. Go ahead and
grab your new filter, insert it into the bottom, give it a quarter turn and you’re ready to
go. The 3M filters come pre-charged and do not
need any flushing. So once you install it, all you do is very slowly open the valve and
you can hear the water fill up the filter and go to the machine. Turn your machine back
on and make sure it’s in operating mode and you’re good to go. One more thing you might want to do is right
here you’ll have a floating orange needle. You’re going to want to set that as low as
you can possibly get it because it’s going to rest next to the black needle. It’s going
to tell you how much pressure is going through the filter when you first install it. And
then it’ll give you a reference point as the pressure drops in your filter how much it’s
dropped since you’ve installed it. If the black needle ever gets into the red zone, your filter
is completely clogged. You call us right away and we’ll get a new one out to you. And that’s how you replace a commercial water
filter. Thanks Paul, seems pretty easy and it seems like everyone can do it. Be sure
if you have any questions call our sales floor directly, or click the links below. Be sure
if you liked what you saw today subscribe to our channel. And on behalf of Tundra Restaurant Supply,
this is Paul LeCompte and I’m Chris Tavano. Until next time, guys.