Hi, I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant
Supply. In this follow-up video I’m going to show
you how to disassemble and replace the Impeller for your Crathco Beverage Dispenser. So on the Crathco Beverage Dispenser, your
real only moving part as far as mechanics inside the unit is this impeller. So often times if you hear a funny noise from
your beverage dispenser or you notice that the juice isn’t flowing
consistently or the way that it used to when it was brand new, odds are you need to replace your impeller.
Here’s how. First we’re going to take off the lid, take
out your spray tube, remove your valve and handle. You’re going to want to remove the lockdown
washer, you’re going to want to remove the pump cover and then if you want you can remove the bowl
depending on how tall you are or how easy your reach is. Now we’ve exposed the impeller and this is
all we’re trying to replace. This is very easy. It’s magnetic and it just
slides right off. Get your new impeller. Again, it’s magnetic, just slides right back on and that’s how you replace your impeller for
a Crathco Beverage Dispenser. I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply. Be sure to comment below, or if you have any
questions, contact our sales floor, and please subscribe to our weekly videos.