I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply. In today’s episode I’m going to show you How to change the blades and blade assembly
to your Nemco Easy Chopper II. The first thing you’re going to want to
do Is remove your pusher block and your base
assembly base. Two little bushings just slide right off the
greased poles And your blade assembly should slide right
off as is. First and foremost this is your blade assembly
faced up. Be very careful as these blades facing up
are very, very sharp. I’m going to want to turn it upside down
exposing the bolts. Get your crescent wrench and we’re going
to loosen these all the way off. Once you’ve unscrewed your bolts The base plate should come right off. Set that aside And now you’ve exposed the bottom side of
your blades. This is going to be how we’re going to replace
these. These metal bars, those are going to stay. Do not throw those away. An easy way to get rid of your blades, Flip it upside down, Give it a little tap. Your entire blade assembly comes out. The first thing you’re going to want to
note When you open your package of new blades Is that there are two different kinds. Some are going to be loaded first And some are going to be loaded second. The best way to tell is identify where the
slit is on the blade. If you notice both these blades are facing
the sharp edge towards you And this front row has slits towards the back
base of that blade. Whereas the second one has the slits going
through the cutting edge of that blade. We’re going to want to put in these ones
first Where you see the slit coming from the back. From here you’re going to want to organize
your spacer guides. If you notice these little bars that we kept
from the original, There’s little slits. You’re going to want to see the slit That goes all the way through the wall of
that guide To be facing the inside of the assembly. Place all four of those around the perimeter
of the assembly itself And from there we can get our first set of
blades Where there is no slit on the cutting edge
itself. Being very careful with these blades, You’re going to put blade down in the first
slit Horizontally in your spacer guide And the next one. Being sure to be very careful Putting the cutting edge of each blade down
into the spacer guide slits. So after you’ve got your first set down We’ll work on the second set of blades Where the slit goes through the actual beveled
cutting edge itself. And these blades we’re going to place perpendicular Going through each and every slit on the previous
blades that we set in, As well as the spacer guide itself. Be sure that you’re pushing down with enough
pressure on these blades To where all the tops are even and flush. Don’t have to worry too much on this side Because remember you’re putting the cutting
edge of the blade down into your table. These edges are not sharp. As we put our base plate back onto our blade
assembly, Be sure to line up the post holes accordingly
on your base. Screw your nuts back in, righty-tighty. Now remember when you flip this over you’re
going to have brand new sharp blades So do not touch that surface up there. Once you’re replaced the blades on your
blade assembly, It’s just a matter of getting this block
back on the base of your chopper stand. Keep in mind that these top blades are very
sharp to the touch And these elongated holes are for your post
slots. You’re going to grab your bushings next; Slide those on. If this is getting a little stuck Just add a little bit more food grade lubricant
or grease to these posts. Then you’ve got your pusher block back on. That’s how you replace the blades in a blade
assembly For your Nemco Easy Chopper II. Here’s to a better mise en place!