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for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet. Hi, I’m Mike from 1A Auto. I hope this how-to video helps you out, and
next time you need parts for your vehicle, think of Thanks. In this video, we’re going to show you how
to replace the front sway bar link on this 2003 Mercury Mountaineer, same as any 2002
to 2005 Mountaineer, as well as Explorer. Our front passenger side is broken, so we
show you how to get it out and replace it with a new one from 1A Auto. You’ll need new sway bar link from,
16mm and 19mm socket and ratchet, a piece of pipe for some leverage, jack and jack stands
and a torque wrench. You’ll want to remove your center cap. If you don’t have the benefit of air tools,
then loosen your lug nuts with the vehicle on the ground. Then raise both front wheels and support the
car with jack stands and then remove the lug nuts and wheel the rest of the way. Now you can pull the wheel free. This is the driver side, which is actually
still together, so you would, if you’re removing one that was still together, put a 15mm socket
and ratchet on top and a 16mm wrench on the bottom, remove that top nut and then go from
there. On ours, it’s broken so I’m just filling,
basically, the cavity with penetrating oil. This is pretty typical: it breaks off up top
here and you saw where you just filled it up with penetrating oil and now we’re just
messing around with it. We locked some locking pliers onto it. That penetrating oil really helped the bolt
start up and we’ve basically broken the plastic here. Now this plastic tube will slide off. We’re just going to use a hammer and chisel
to remove the rest of the plastic. This, of course, is the worst case scenario,
you just want to remove the plastic, you can use some locking pliers and then just remove
the nut on the bottom or at least loosen it up as much as you can. Then just hammer this down and out. Before installing it, just jack up the other
side, just slightly. Now replace your sway link and the order it
should go in is: washer, bushing, control arm, then bushing, washer, the tube, and another
washer, and then the bushing, and then your sway bar, then another bushing, another washer,
and then the nut. You just want to tighten that nut preliminarily,and
then release the jack. To tighten up the link, what you want to do
is have the car back down on the ground, and now I have a jack supporting just the front
suspension so that basically everything is level and the suspension is in its correct
ride height. Then tighten up the link by holding the wrench
on top and then turning the bottom. Tighten it up so that the bushings are all
squeezed to about the diameter of the washers. Replace your wheel, then replace all the lug
nuts and tighten them preliminarily. Then you’d want to lower the vehicle and tighten
them the rest of the way, then torque each of these in a crossing pattern to 100 foot-pounds. Now replace your hubcap. Just line it up and hit it back into place. We hope this video helps you out. Brought to you by, your source
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