Hi. Welcome to Tundra Restaurant Supply. In this episode, we’re going to show you how
to add or replace casters to your equipment. So casters come in all different sizes and
varieties. Unfortunately they’re not necessarily all
compatible with all brands, So what you’re going to want to do is try
and identify What kind of model number you have of your
equipment, Or you can measure the whole centers on your
existing casters. Today’s demonstration we’re using our Frymaster
Fryer. You can locate the model number on the inside
panel of the door Or you can check our other video, “Hot to
locate model numbers on your equipment.” If it’s in a tricky spot you can always get
an extendable flashlight to get to those hard to reach areas. Currently we’re measuring the centered holes
of our existing legs or casters. In this case, I’ve started the center of this
screw on 1″ Just because it’s a little bit difficult to
get to the edge of the tip of the measuring tape. You can also notice that it gets all the way
over to 2-3/4″. Minus the 1″, the distance of these two centers
is 1-3/4 inches. You’ll want to do the same thing for the opposing
direction as well. Here we can notice it’s 3 inches. You can either search by your model number
on the piece of equipment, Or you can certainly put in the dimensions
of your hole centers. Also be sure that when you’re searching for
replacement casters That you look for a caster that has a wheel
diameter large enough To be able to put your equipment’s bottom
edge approximately 6 inches off the ground. Also be sure that before you do any kind of
repairs or move any of your equipment That everything is turned off, disconnected,
drained, And cool before you start doing any work on
it. Also keep in mind as your replacing your casters, You might want to have some wedges to be able
to balance your equipment upright While you replace your casters or legs. Or have an equipment dolly or a second hand To be able to stabilize the piece of equipment
while you’re working on the casters. That’s how you identify and install replacement
casters for your equipment. Surely at times it might be easier to lay
your equipment on its side To do its replacement maintenance. However, be sure that if you’re working on
a piece of equipment with a compressor, That you wait a full 24 hours once you place
it back upright Before you plug it in to allow the fluids
to get back into the compressor. I’m Chris for Tundra Restaurant Supply. Join us again next time.