Hi, I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant
Supply And in this episode, we’re going to show you
how to troubleshoot and fix A common error with your Vitamix Blender. So a common problem that you can see with
your Vitamix Blender Is your drive socket gets worn out And therefore, can’t spin your blade assembly
correctly. So you may be asking yourself, why is the
drive socket so important? Well, first and foremost It is really the only thing between you and
the motor and the blade; As well, the drive socket works as a silencer
to keep this baby running soft and silent. So a couple of ways to identify if your Vitamix
Blender is not running properly And if it really is the drive socket Is if you turn it on and you hear the motor
running, But you don’t see the blade spinning. Common causes for this issue, could be many. You could be taking a container off of the
motor before it stops running Or vice versa your putting the container on
the motor while it is running. Another commonality would be you have a foreign
object in your container And it’s prohibiting the blade from spinning
properly. Also, if you’re running your Vitamix Blender
without the centering pad in place And a last occurrence of why it could grind
out the teeth on your drive socket, Is you’re trying to tilt the container to
move around your ingredients while the motor is running. And also, it’s important to know that you
can wear out your drive socket By not using the correct Vitamix component
part. So what you want to do first, Before doing any maintenance on your Vitamix
Blender Is first, be sure it’s unplugged, and in the
off position. From there you’d want to remove your container
because it’s not going to be needed And then you’re going to want to take off
your centering pad, Wwhich is really easy, it peels right back. And then from there, You’re going to want to look at the little
housing for the drive socket And find the hole, and on top of the drive
socket, You’re going to see the brand name, Vitamix
and a little arrow. You want to line the arrow up with the hole
in the housing. From there, you’re going to take your 5/64
Allen wrench, Place it down at a 45 degree angle, Righty-tighty, lefty-loosy And the drive socket should pop right out. Again, if you’re having a little bit of trouble
having that drive socket pop out, You can just use a flat-headed screwdriver
to help get some leverage underneath there. From there, you want to get your new drive
socket, It’s got a square bolt, so it only fits one
way in the housing; And again you’ll want to line up your Vitamix
brand name with the arrow To the back of the housing where that hole
is, place it in place. Again, it only goes on one way on the square
nut. Get your 5/64 Hex wrench back at a 45 degree
angle in that housing hole And the good news is, That we have these parts in stock in our inventory
here at Tundra, As well as, There’s no minimum order and they ship the
day you order it. Peel your rubber centering pad right back
over the drive socket and there you go. And I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant
Supply, Here’s to a better mise en place And if you have any other ideas for DIY videos, Please comment below.