I’m Eric. I’m going to show you how to totally
refresh your room by just changing the handles on your cabinets. To install new handles for cabinets,
you’ll need a Phillips-head screwdriver or a power drill, new hands of your choice
and pliers to cut your snap screws down to size. The great thing about these
is that they’re the same size as our original handles. First step is to take off your handles
with a screwdriver or a drill. Once the old handles are off,
we’re ready to put the new ones on. Our handles come with snap screws
so we can cut them down to size. Top tip when you put in new handles
is just do the top one up until it’s finger-tight. That way, you have a little bit of wiggle
room so you can get the bottom one in and it’s perfectly aligned. And then you use your drill. And there you have it,
a completely updated kitchen in no time at all. ♪ [music] ♪