What’s up guys welcome back to the
Detail Garage. So in our previous video we brought this Mustang
in here because it has been raining outside and we didn’t want it to create water spots
on this paintwork. We used EcoSmart to encapsulate all the dirt
and debris as well as the water droplets and gently wipe it off the surface so we don’t
scratch the surface. As we were washing we could tell that the
paint was pretty rough. That’s just tons of stuff that is stuck in
the paintwork from the pores opening up and letting all kinds of contaminants get stuck
in there and that is what gives it that rough feel and also makes it harder for new glazes,
sealants and waxes to bond to the surface. So, we’re going to clay it today to get it
ready for any polish job or if it is going to be glazed,sealed or waxed this way it’ll
bond better giving it a better look overall. Here at Chemical Guys we offer four different
kinds of clay bars. We have the Light Clay Bar which is for your
newer cars or regularly clayed cars, an OG Clay Bar which is for the daily driven such
as this one that has some impurities stuck in the paint. The Medium Clay Bar which is for a little
more neglected or more contaminated paint and a Heavy Clay Bar for paint that has stains
or etching and thick contamination. I’ve chosen to go with the Original Clay Bar,
this is going to help me get all the impurities out of the paintwork to restore that ultra
slick feeling. I’ve already taken a small piece and kneaded
it into a paddy. You don’t want to use the whole bar at once
because if you do drop this you have to throw it away. What you want to do is take a small section
and form it into a disc that covers two or three fingers and what I do is I’ll spray
my hand, the disc and the area that you”ll be starting on. That’ll keep it from sticking to you as well
as the surface you are claying. Just work back and forth in straight and even
strokes giving a decent amount of pressure. Every so often giving it a mist of lubrication
to prevent marring. As you start off it’ll feel kind of rough
or it will drag but as you pull impurities out of the paintwork it will become smoother
and quieter which is how you know when it is time to move on. So after the paintwork feels pretty smooth
and the clay bar starts to easily glide across. You can see this brownish run off, that is
actually all the junk that is coming out of the paintwork, this when you take your clean
microfiber towel and wipe away the excess. By wiping away the residues you can check
your work. Once it is nice and dry you can run your hand
against the paint and it will have completely different sound and feel after you get all
the impurities out of the paint. Real quickly I want to show you guys the difference
between the clayed side and the non clayed side. So over here this is where I was working,
super quiet and really smooth. Then you come down here and you can hear all
the embedded contaminants and grime that is trapped in the pores of the paint but the
clay is going to remove all that to give it a slick finish. One thing I forgot to mention is you can clay
headlights, glass and even rims to remove impurities that can either embed the surface
and degrade the finish or it takes away from the overall clarity of glass. Also if you have painted wheels it will help
add more of a glossy finish. So I’ll repeat the same process over the entire
vehicle to get the whole car looking right. Alright guys I just finished clay barring
this Mustang to give it that super slick feeling. Here we have four different types of clay
bars. We have the Light, the Original, the Medium
and the Heavy. I chose to go with the Original because this
car has some embedded contaminants but it’s not that bad where we need something more
aggressive. So if you guys want to learn more about these products check them out on our website ChemicalGuys.com. If you like this car or this video be sure
to give it a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage. I’m going to do the whole video as Randy Macho
Man Savage. What’s up brother, welcome back to the Detail
Garage. Today we’ve got this Mustang and its got all
kinds of bad … stuck in the paint!