d like sushi well if you ever come to Japan course you can’t come here and not have sushi right so I am today I’m going to
introduce you to 1 one restaurant chain hot very popular and very famous around Japan and it is
called sitio you look up there there’s sign so that sign you should look for and I’m gonna show you how to order sushi and how to eat it here because if
you don’t know what you do if you don’t know what you’re doing hi it could be a
little embarrassing hi you do things the wrong way so follow
me and I say how to do things from start to finish okay so here we are in line we have to coating machine get a number and it’s
all in Japanese so I’m going to show you buttons to push when he gets his ticket
so we just have to wait five seconds okay here we go right so this is no shame and as you can see
nothing is an English south on japanese the says the cat
scanner so you want to press his first Press that okay to and this asks how many people and this means adults
back so to adults this means next and ask for how many children no
children say just press Next and then this attitude if you want to
sit at a table counter or either one so we don’t really care we’re gonna go
or either one and to come the reservation ticket and in sees me we are number ninety
seven so we have to wait until your number is called do that sit down you can go outside for
a while I am it does say here that the next decade 83 will take about 18 minutes I oh no I’m sorry no hang on lemme its 18 minutes if you check in now it’s going to take about 18 minutes
before you get called so I we have about 18 minutes to kill so let’s go kill 18 minutes okay so we just killed about 15 minutes
or so now we’re back got my number 97 an and wouldn’t you know it when we walked
in it was 97 so we just gotta wait the says sing you
know go and I your there so I’m that means they’re gonna call our number next so
when you’re here if you don’t understand Japanese keep an eye on the
screen and know when they call your number news given a ticket grant just call in number analysts are both back are you kidding okay so here we are sitting down and I’m gonna show you how to or
needless I am here’s the the order screen it’s also modernized
here now so you press the screen and Michael E if you only speak English I’ll actually you speak Japanese you can go into
massacres being honest this is China and this is for Korean I am might since
you are stunning much with English here now changing the language
environment now we’ve got English okay cell I hear
their different types up limits hot chef
recommendations just like Nathan million to what we want
an ass me to peace press on that and person I have corner here the crash tearing up and i’m looking for sure up hot this is one
of my favorites signers just press the tonight man and then constitutional quantity1 so I want to not got here now thing about this is that you can the thing about this as you can
almost order I a5 missions at once so be careful what
you order kak clouds continue I am salmon
cheese minutes right go back to sam in here man Sam tonight we hang out salmon and cheese one salmon okay I am I A when I like like Sam you anything else senator from a that suffering okay so much about the
condo goes seventies one salmon 1 97 with I’ll she what’s the team I don’t know salmon with hefty no not copy 7 okay no toppings I am coral I like this one actually yeah I have
money paradox another seven had competition and a little bit of Manning’s you don’t
like man is don’t yes and I have five things ready to go Press order and hang up now you just wat per your order when you order comes it’s going to come on I colored plane like look at the
hearing your for the gonna come on this one now the ball is actually gramm by that’s not what you need to pay
attention to you need to pay attention to hear just says could join us on this is black
okay now how do you know what however well at your table you see this your table you’ll see this is your
collar so this color is green night I think
this sounds like a site you know so this is like young
grass collar which is collard greens as I put this back I’m now we have to wait are placed come and plate course ball whatever you
want to call it try to be read is already but they all have the
speakers with for how much so that’s colors I carried I’m colors and I sometime one obviously the label
is we are waiting now remember during
different types upgrading and different accent or
injured center of some make sure that the kanji that characters matchup okay even pantry characters by UPS you can see what shape like cell I’m try to memorize shape and then look for
that when we come it’s gonna take a few
minutes before we get ours gonna stop video actually know what no instead of stock video I’ll give you one
example of a different breed here’s one it’s coming up here this one
actually says medio just you’re playing green I am so yes and that now I’ll while we’re waiting let me up on some TV cups of here just docs and this is how you make green tea in one of these restaurants little scooter it’s not a spin com about this might tighten up I mean
that’s thats not much going to make pretty good
strong team up with that man but that man done and the hot water spout is here bosses spice not really a
possible enormous Packers I can’t okay I for some hot water am and then you well using your chopsticks you can start him and his had wire well ground now hubert humphrey skirt up right now before that you’ve got to show
you how to use toppings and sausage they now this says I’m I gotta is like a sweet soy
sauce I don’t like this one personally this
one says show you which is fireside now
there’s no English such I remember if it’s really
complicated and you can’t read it and probably it’s probably the science
of and looks sort of simple it’s probably the
sweet sauce where you can ask the waitress maybe the
waitress be kinda away yes hands my plates coming yeah now just yeah just plates with decision leads the ball on the conveyor belt actually no take
all quite healthcare now of here salmon and cheese huddled with their kemp et ca map it’s going to take a minute to get
here their egos maki sushi and this is my
decision happen you 1pc have much bigger peace obvious UPC
she now arms like dream online pack alright this is the salmon cheese okay so as we’re waiting heart the other
stuff to come com already shown you be sweet sauce and the Siasat go into
coming along okay a I have become these now trainers I might came in 3 okay now before I continue with this one thing you should notice if you look
at these if you look at the heat is it and there you go you see a yellow
plate and white a yellow plate means that there is
what’s lb on it so check this out see if I left
this you’ll see that there’s a bit of a sob
behind white place means know what side so is my place up north
sobbing heel plates have less on me so be careful if they don’t have a sobbing
in you want my son you can reach up here well now you can
cite they used to have my sopping up here now
they don’t now they’ve got these wet naps returning she morning in
Japanese to get a couple what now but this back
up here I and here come the west side your that song and bareback and grab here and now I can find it on my position okay this what is this I don’t even know I’m never
used it before it’s some sort of you know chili flakes something like that I’m here we have Sol back yes assault hotness top partners are or if you prefer to
store your tea I i know im certain person who likes to
party with a spoon not chopsticks Ansar cop a bashing her
Scott text and in here in this container here om I believe this is hi ginger right com so if you like and a little bit ginger I personally not
time unit but if you want some pickled ginger you can grab it out of here and back my
friends is all you need to know to eat sushi now after dinner when it comes time to
people bill is a special way of doing that and I
wish I had to do that com one thing however that you have you remember not to you I made that mistake once a long time ago
when you finish even your sushi and plate is empty do not put it back on conveyor belt I
did that once and the person I was with lap for a long time because there’s such a
silly thing to do Tom it is fine because my name is cell so I do silly things I get it objects so anyway oMG so that’s
it you just keep well you take the sauce and few look down here yes you know however you
are however much you want I like that but the choice of fun on all
you want someone you’re no so that’s it now eat away Bon Apetit okay so we finished the
first round now it’s time or more out one thing that
I didn’t mention previous seem I am I don’t know I guess I thought it was
obvious that you know have to order from here com public at be conveyor thats the whole point really here name point that on conveyor belt and you can round
whatever 31 these you can take this one is reserved
for another temples and don’t take it if it’s on one of these little rain
homes don’t take place I did not miss I made that mistake once
to I I took them and I didn’t know that I
wasn’t Austin Thompson don’t take too long on the red balls reply to whatever you call it trades am
but these are all available or attacking com so if no if lawn is come just take and the one you want not I’m work
doesn’t look nice when you can order it using this machine
Jack I am call what I want water doesn’t seem to be coming months old I’m
gonna I fried shrimp all shrimp and cheese I want try out some channa some attorney coral up to nine that’s like fatty tuna I am and I’m gonna I I like the world schram tonight I’ll what else 11 got one more that we
can add a bike away com for those %uh view think
and sushi is all about raw fish it’s not I’m her example I just ordered
boiled shrimp it’s not wrong it’s actually called and
also that got some interesting choices check this out I’ll if I go to the shops recommendation here’s one since fresh ham with garlic soy sauce so a that may be surprising for someone
%um don’t know a lot about a seizure have
never eaten sushi restaurant in Japan may actually have some oxidation have no fish on them at all I’m and in
fact you know I am and stuff like that
there’s and sushi this is just and et cetera so as all types of things here and player %ah my order went thru
automatically here perhaps because waited too long so the
order went thru I am I don’t know screens went blank self on the plane
said something but I was too busy talking inside Israel
I think it said the order went thru perhaps anyhow I that’s it now we just have to wait for order and keep an eye out personal it’s on the
conveyor belt that looks good looks good staking three-member the old
place have was certainly and the white plates
you know by click and I’ll come back to you when
we’re ready to checkout when ready to add up the bill and a
special way of doing that again like I said don’t put your fights
back on keep calm stack likeness this like this their ego songs back your plate sup I’m you can keep a
player to your side like this for example if you want a
quick some tell me these things on it noting that I of you is instead of putting science
Haas on my sushi others keep one place I
forgot to hear because I’m distracted by shooting a video right hi
you keep a plate and just threats of harming and then use
that to dip your sushi into play com which is what this person is doing so I’ll there you go so yeah how to eat
sushi and in a few minutes not happy
higher-order and kinda you keep him out pretty easy series howdy shoes ok I be silly because I’m still be so I’ll be back in a few minutes with out tonight check out see you soon
my okay so here we are with cop stack some plates
were done eating I am kinder had a big lunch ha so this is what you get when you’re
done with your sushi you stacked plates as I said earlier I’m
here we’ve got some his third plates yes there’s only two
receiving I okay so I’m now you’re ready to pay for the bill
right how do you do that well look here and says okay so I’m leader active bottom this is button for paying bills Press and elbows of and the lady will come poor
guy mom encounter plates and tell us how much we have to pay at that point
we’re going to be given hi something to take to the cashier and
will pavement so waiting for her get here her or him maybe they’re busy very busy try again army when you wanna talk about with you wanna listen to ok here we go yes you for that thing and ash entered in the system yeah nah me yeah yeah okay so struck the bar code here to C
span and so now I’m be charge that shit she added up the plates
scanner the number dessert plates were going center and
then she scam this I am to you put into the system now we
take this card they’ve given us we go to the cashier and over and cashier will ask me to pay I think it’s 1,680 and something
like a I am and that’s it that’s how you order hi eat and paid for sushi p.m. I this restaurant which is called
sitio com finger on the Japan they’re all over our site anyway I know
that I’m yes I’m not sure for delivery to pen
because I haven’t really looked for outside Isles I’m sorry outside was
so I have really look work I think they’re all
over for all over Japan yeah if you come into town and you want to try sushi Bob this is pretty good place to track it’s cheap
100 %um for for most plates the 100-year which
is about one dollar US and I’m thats fairly cheap I mean the too much
in a lot here for under 20 dollars US mom so it’s not that if you like three from
your probably used to paying more than Mac at home com so yet right out you might like it there are of course matter sushi
restaurants mom you can go there doubly there will
be more expensive and they will not be I’m conveyor belt K that’s going to be a
different thing much much more standard way of ordering
you just going to sift at a table or counter the waitress will
come to you and ask you for your order or if you’re lucky enough to see at the
counter in front of the shower and you can give your orders directly to
the sushi chef I’m in and they just hang your place
very typical a most restaurants but I’m but for
conveyor belt sushi this is how you do it I’m there are under conveyor belt sushi
restaurants com I’m not shy I’ve been to them only a
couple of times the procedure is 3 much the same not exactly I’m there is one restaurant
actually that I’ve been to forget the name now but time maybe it’s because she and there they actually have a like a disposal you put your plates into
there’s a whole their you not supposed garbage in there
but useless but plates and they’re and then not calculates what your bills
gonna be so doesn’t work exactly the same way but
it’s very similar mom and that 60 hopefully you learn couple things here on how to
eat ordered in paper sushi in Japan and down if you
have any questions feel free leave them on my website slow easy
English got com up for the U-two on grand whenever whatever you like talking and simplified