Hi, This is Maxine Shriber from Simply Decorate
this week we will be shopping at Home Depot w’ell be showing you how to buy the beautiful
orchids that they have there at $19.99. We are on 3rd ave. on our way to Home Depot the
everything shop for your home. We’re now beginning to enter here we are in Home Depot, lets go
shopping. This is a great spot in Home Depot the plant department. Lots and lots of orchards,
I love orchids for interior design accessories this is the thing that warms up your place
and adds chicness to everything. Lets pick the pot this is a fiberglass pot so its not
too heavy and we could figure out if we want one or two plants and what we could do with
it. We are talking about Pottery barn the other day and the tusken colors they seem
to be following the same scheme. Lets talk about these orchards they’re 14.98 wholesalers
charge 19.98 to 29.98 retailers are $75 – $150 so this is simply a great price and it warms
up your room and it makes everything look very chic. So lets talk about the orchards
now, see this orchard? the bud is completely dead stems look a little dry I would not buy
this. Now look at this one you see how this bud looks its very very lively and its very
plumply but theres one that dry here you could pluck this one off because the rest looks
great. But if I had a choice these would be the ones that I would pick. Their full of
life I spray them and then I could go on the all these others each one of these their beautiful,
their full of life, the stems are green and these would be perfect to be purchased. This
is some of the stuff that I bring with me so that I could make my arrangement perfect.
As you notice i picked out my two plants alot of foliage so it fills out the pot completely.
Now see this metal stems that part of the holding of the leaf I replace it with bamboo
and also you havr some moss here. I cut it in strips wrap it around the bamboo with raffia
then you could put it all into the pot. Now the most important thing is you have to be
a little careful not to get tight because you break the stem. So that a very important
thing, now i filled the moss and also the pot and now you have everything completed.
Now I must tell you this arrangement cost $35 its worth $175. Hi, its Maxine Shriber
again I hope you enjoyed our little on how to buy orchids. Remember to have a great
day and always be creative.