Hello this is chef Robert with Alto-Shaam. And today we’re going to learn how to operate the standard control Alto-Shaam cook and hold smoker. Alright we’ll start with a brief overview of the control. Here’s the power switch. We have the timer, the holding thermostat, cooking thermostat, and the smoke timer. This is a one-hour timer, so when we’re setting it we have 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and one hour. To set the oven for preheating, we’ll turn the power switch on and we will set the holding thermostat. The thermostats will turn either direction, so we’re going to set for this one 160 degrees. The cooking thermostat also will turn both directions, and we will set this for 250 degrees. Later we’ll come back and set the smoke timer. Now to activate the preheat, we push the timer button and then we can start to use the up and down arrows to set for a time that we want to cook for. The other will take approximately 30 minutes to preheat. While the oven is preheating we’re going to take our wood chips and soak them in water here and then these wet wood chips will actually go right into the smoke box. Now the wood chip box goes right in to the back of the oven. Now that the woodchips are in and we’ve loaded our food, we just have to adjust the control to the cooking time so I can use the up or down arrows. And then we can take the smoke timer and set it for the required amount of smoke. We will turn past the time that we want and bring it back so for 30 minutes of smoke. That is where we need. And the oven is now cooking and smoking. Now that we finished cooking, we’ve taken the food out, we’ve removed the shelving and cleaned the inside of the oven. And all we have to do is turn the power switch off. All right well now that we’ve cooked in this oven, the next time we need to operate it we just turn the power switch on. If we have not changed the holding thermostat and cooking thermostat, it’s going to remember where we had those last time, but I can still adjust them if needed. And then we’re going to activate our timer and we can put the oven into preheat mode for the next cook cycle.