(rock music) – So the Old Fashioned, it’s a cocktail
that is so simple but extremely sophisticated. It’s believed to be
the oldest cocktail. It’s sort of this thing
that’s been handed down and everybody just keeps
calling it the Old Fashioned. So we first hear about
the Old Fashioned at the Pendennis Club, which
is in Louisville, Kentucky. It was created
for Colonel Pepper who was a local
bourbon distiller. He apparently then
took it to New York, to the Waldorf Astoria where
it became extremely popular during the late 1800s,
probably around 1880. And you know, it’s
interesting, right, because this cocktail
has been around for a hundred years
at this point, and it’s sort of funny
because it hasn’t actually really changed that much. Over the years it
was like, oh, okay, let’s add an orange in there, and that came
during Prohibition. You can imagine what
people were drinking then if people were making
the stuff at home. It’s like gasoline,
so you’re like, all right I need an orange
and a cherry in there. So the original Old
Fashioned would have been a sugar cube, you’re gonna take
your angostura, probably douse it. We’re talkin’ 10 to
15 dashes in there. Take a spoon or a muddler, you wanna really sort
of get that turned into a little bit of like a liquid. You take the orange
and the cherry, stir that around with
a spoon or a muddler, add your ice, two ounces of rye, stir for 20 to 30
seconds, beautiful. So that would be the original. The perfect Old Fashioned,
or my perfect Old Fashioned, I would take a mixing glass, take your two bitters,
angostura and orange, two to three dashes of each, a bar spoon of simple syrup, a bar spoon of the cherry juice,
that’s always really nice. Stir that in first,
add your ice, two ounces of rye or bourbon, you’re gonna stir
about 20 or 30 seconds. Add it into your
chilled rocks glass, and then take a
orange peel and zest. And there ya go. The difference between
mine and the classic, the classic has got the
granulated sugar in it. Also, you’re not actually
putting the cherry in it so you’re just getting a
little bit of that element. I just think the way that
I make it, it’s just clean. Every bartender is trying
to make an Old Fashioned. You’re chasing after that thing. It’s so simple, you know? And I think over the years
it’s just gotten better.